Georgia Miller

Client Services Associate

Georgia Miller, Client Services Associate, comes to Bridge from Manchester, England with five years of experience in human resources. She has overseen the day-to-day management of immigration programs for multinational corporations to start-ups based in London, United Kingdom. As an immigrant herself, she brings a wealth of well-rounded knowledge of international employment and immigration law to Bridge services.

Blog Posts

Having a Voice in America: My Immigration Story

Our drive to lead with empathy is born from the experiences of immigrants on the team at Bridge. Bridge Client Services Associate, Georgia Miller, immigrated to America from the U.K. within the past year. Her story taught us the value of having a voice.

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Change Immigration Providers in 3 Simple Steps

Gone are the days of files and storage cabinets, to keep up with the changing landscape you need an immigration provider that can accurately forecast your needs, respond to audits with all your files at the click of a button, and help you stay competitive to secure top international talent. If you're thinking of switching providers, here are three simple steps that can help you make the move.

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An HR Perspective: 5 Ways to Implement a Successful Immigration Program

Global mobility speaks to a cognitive and cultural commitment to diversity. From multinational corporations to startups, the challenges of attracting, hiring, and retaining top international talent has remained a constant. Discover 5 ways to help you create and develop a strong immigration program.

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