Forrest Blount


Forrest Blount is Bridge’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder and has overseen the company’s product and engineering functions since its inception. A passionate product visionary and leader, he started Bridge to bring unprecedented efficiency and transparency to the legal services industry. Under Forrest’s leadership, Bridge has developed and scaled its best-in-class immigration platform, delivering a transformational immigration experience to companies and their employees around the world.

Forrest has almost 15 years of experience designing, developing and maintaining software applications that streamline complex processes. Prior to Bridge, Forrest was the co-founder and CTO of Acceptional (acquired by Bell Curves), a workflow solution that simplified the college admissions process. Previously, he led technology teams at Google and ITA Software focused on operations tools. Forrest holds a BFA in Theatre from Boston University.

Blog Posts

How to Project Immigration Spend

As the year wraps up, you may find yourself trying to get a handle on your immigration budget. Bridge provides tools or resources to use in your year-end immigration review and forecasting process.

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New Summer 2020 Features!

New Summer features rolled out to the Bridge product this week including a new employee overview card, new navigation, contact options, and more!

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New Dashboard 3.0

Check out our new look! An enhanced dashboard that allows you to better access your employees' status through advanced filters and reporting. 

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Announcing New Forecasting Tools

The Bridge product team is proud to announce the release of our new strategy tool that enables you to visualize the levers that drive immigration spending, and accurately forecast your company’s future applications.

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Announcing the New Immigration Guidelines Manager

The Bridge product team is proud to announce the release of our new Immigration Guidelines Manager, allowing you to set guidelines regarding timing and fees when processing applications for your employees. Standardizing an immigration program allows companies to set expectations with their international employees and their managers, and serves as the foundation for attracting and retaining top talent across the globe.

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Technology’s Role in Smarter Immigration

Technology has made great strides in streamlining and simplifying immigration, and Bridge continues to lead the way. Our core innovation, the Bridge Platform, provides clients with a unified hub for all immigration activity. Beyond bringing order and harmony to a disjointed process, the Bridge Platform creates a new dimension of visibility and transparency that is especially helpful for employees.

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The Easiest Way to Reduce The Cost of Your Green Card

You've decided to apply for a green card, now you have to decide how you'll do it. Will you apply on your own or hire a lawyer? For most, it's an easy decision.

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How to Increase Transparency In Your Corporate Immigration Process

Providing transparency into complicated legal matters isn't easy, but it's immensely beneficial. Transparency is the best way to consistently improve.

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Hacking Immigration

When I first heard about Chicago's MigraHack event, it was clear that this was an event LexSpot had to participate in.

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Competitor or Ally?

How do you know who to trust as you're growing your business? Is that startup in your co-working space an ally? Learn how we navigated this complex minefield.

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A Visual Representation of the Senate Immigration Bill

When you take an 844 page bill and distill it into a word cloud, you start to understand the key issues in this debate.

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3 Ways Bridge Simplifies Your Business Immigration Processes

Learn how Bridge combines efficiency and transparency to improve the process and outcomes of your corporate visa and green card applications.

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3 Steps for Successful Parent Immigration to the USA

Before you research your options, complete your application, or search for the right immigration lawyer, make sure you're eligible to apply for your parents.

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3 Steps for a Successful Sibling Migration to the USA

Before researching forms, completing your application, and searching for the right immigration lawyer, make sure you're eligible to apply for your sibling.

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