Daniel Cox

Business Development Manager

Daniel's experience in the real estate and big data industries empower him to consult clients on the intersection of professional services and technology. At Bridge, he helps clients to realize opportunities in their immigration processes, promote a superior experience for international employees, and blend industry best practices with existing company talent objectives.

Blog Posts

Immigration Training for Recruiters

Out on the front lines in the "war" for talent, recruiters play a critical role in accelerating growth and mitigating risk for organizations looking to hire technical talent. Considering some of the macro and micro factors influencing the STEM talent market and the competitiveness felt by organizations hiring in this climate, we unpack a few strategies for ensuring greater alignment across the organization.

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Immigration Training for HR, Hiring Managers, and Leadership

Developing a holistic immigration policy and investing in your team's ability to execute this function is core to maintaining a successful and diverse talent acquisition strategy today. While many employers might view this as a somewhat siloed function, we share why taking a multi-faceted approach to policy and subsequent training are the key to realizing a greater return on your strategic immigration efforts.

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Standardizing Job Duties to Reduce Immigration-Related Spend and Exposure

Companies exploring a strategic immigration program looking to reduce spend and exposure can explore standardizing technical job descriptions. We unpack why standardizing job descriptions matters in the current climate and how companies that are actively hiring or planning to hire can benefit from having a job bank in place.

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