Chris Mikschl

Business Development Manager

As a would-be lawyer turned immigration evangelist, Chris derives true joy in helping employers embrace technology to solve old problems in new ways - and to create the best employee experience possible for their teams. At Bridge, he empowers companies to execute efficient and organized immigration processes, provide a superior experience to international employees, and to run a more proactive and strategic immigration function.

Blog Posts

Immigration Policy: The Foundation of Any Strategic Immigration Program

What is an immigration policy and what key drivers should be considered when building the bedrock for a stronger immigration program? We cover how other successful companies have started their strategic transformation and what critical questions they asked when getting started. You'll hopefully pick up a few tips along the way about how your company can create and sustain a competitive talent advantage.

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3 Ways to Tell if Your Company is Ready for a Strategic Approach to Immigration

When is the right time to invest in strategic immigration, and how can a company tell when it's ready to get proactive? Many employers find themselves in a state of analysis paralysis grappling with the idea that strategic immigration is the right approach for them but uncertain of when it makes sense to begin that project. Here are three ways to tell when you're ready to take your immigration program to the next level.

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Harnessing the Power of a Strategic Immigration Program

We dive into why companies who intentionally invest resources into a strategic immigration program are able to successfully outmaneuver and overcome obstacles that many transactional programs are facing today.

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