Camille Bradbury

Legal Content Specialist

Camille Bradbury is Bridge’s Solutions Manager responsible for planning and updating workflow changes to the Bridge product and creating knowledge base articles for our clients to better understand the immigration process.

For the past decade, she has helped HR professionals, compliance experts, legal specialists, and entrepreneurs enhance their knowledge through communication guiding them through complex legal jargon while planning and implementing technical tools to streamline operations and advance business strategies.

She has successfully implemented legal compliance of a healthcare consulting firm, led marketing departments and content teams for medium to large sized businesses, and worked for a variety of nonprofits. She holds a BA in Professional Writing from the University of Colorado.

Blog Posts

How to Prepare for Your Biometric Service Appointment for International Employees

After an international employee's petition has been filed and approved, Citizenship and Green Card applicants will need to attend an ASC (Application Support Center) or “biometric” appointment. Find out how to prepare.

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How to Read a Visa Bulletin

Discover how to read a visa bulletin and what it means for you.

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3 Ways Your Immigration Provider Can Provide Stability in Uncertainty

As the general election wraps up, our angst today should not be focused on the administration but the circumstances in which immigration firms and technology can adjust, pivot, and overcome challenges in a changing landscape. Learn what to look for in your immigration provider.

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What Employment-Based Immigration Means to Families: My Immigration Story

Our drive to lead with empathy is born from the experiences of immigrants on the team at Bridge with their own stories of hopes, dreams, and challenges when coming to work and live in America. We sat down with one of our Client Services Associates, Vanessa Redrico, who immigrated to America from the Philippines when she was 6 years old. Her story brought us to a whole new level of what employment-based immigration means to families.

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COVID-19: Timeline of Immigration Updates

Check out this infographic with a timeline of the critical updates since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the impacts on immigration. Read articles related to each update. 

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Employee Spotlight: Introducing Georgia, Our New Client Services Associate

Meet our new Client Services Associate, Georgia, who shares her personal experience and why she decided to join Bridge.

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What the President's New Immigration Executive Order Really Means

The President's immigration executive order grabbed headlines but the practical impact was negligible. Find out more about what the new executive order really means and who it impacts.

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Watch: COVID 19 Preparing Immigration for a Digital Transformation

Listen in as Bridge and one of our partnering law firms, ImmiPartner, discuss COVID-19: Preparing Immigration for Digital Transformation, a free webinar given on Tuesday, April 21st. We give a summary of complying with recent government updates, and how you can navigate layoffs, furloughs, and terminations. Watch the replay.

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Webinar - COVID-19: Preparing Immigration for a Digital Transformation

On April 21st, at 10 am PST/1 pm EST join Bridge and our partnering law firm, ImmiPartner, for a free webinar to understand how to comply with critical government updates and the impact of these updates on HR's, international employees, and your digital immigration strategy.

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You have made it through a New Season of H-1B Cap Registration, Now What?

As we wrap up the H-1B cap registration window, which ended at noon eastern time on March 20th, find out what the next steps are for employers and how you can find out if your applicant was selected or denied.

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Posting Your LCA Electronically? Here is What You Need to Know.

Immigration is finding alternative ways to shift to COVID-19 and account for employees who are now working from home. For some employment-based visas, one of these options is pursuing The Department of Labor’s (DOL) alternative to posting electronic notices instead of displaying notices in the workplace to meet the Labor Condition Application requirement.

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