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Most immigration services are reactive rather than strategic—leading to sub-par outcomes, creating needless compliance risk, and inhibiting the achievement of lasting competitive advantage.

Kim Gasser
"Bridge has provided American Family with a holistic, strategic approach to immigration. Rather than treating each case on an ad hoc basis, we have now developed strategies that make immigration smarter and more efficient for HR, legal, and our foreign employees."
Kim Gasser
Case Administration Specialist
Immigration initiatives are most impactful when aligned with your long-term objectives.

Your experienced Bridge immigration team expertly guides you toward an overarching immigration strategy that optimizes your workforce over a multi-year time horizon.

Program development, standardization, and knowledge transfer

We work with you to create and benchmark company-wide immigration policies, to standardize job titles and descriptions for consistency and streamlined processing. We share our expertise to upskill your team, educate your recruiters on immigration best practices, and socialize knowledge across your organization.

In-depth strategy driven by expertise and data

Our legal experts identify red flags and present non-standard as well as conventional immigration pathways. We benchmark your practices against comparable programs and implement strategies to maximize successful outcomes.

Reporting and analytics

Bridge develops forecasts of immigration activity for each employee based on their immigration profile, your company policies, and government processing times. Milestone dates, application status, and deadlines are all tracked in real-time, with self-audit dashboards to highlight compliance “hot spots.”

On the financial side, we perform individual and company-level historical cost analysis and predictive budgeting.

Proactive & Informed Case Studies

"A strategic and effective immigration program has been a critical driver of Carta's talent goals, and Bridge has been instrumental in leading it."
Nolan Church, Chief People Officer
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“Partnering with Bridge has allowed us to stay focused on effectively growing our business.”
Sam Zaid, CEO
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Discover how you can run a more efficient, proactive and informed immigration function while providing a superior experience to your employees.

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H-1B Cap Post-Filing FAQ

What should you do after you've filed your H-1B Cap petition? We know how stressful this process can be, so we built this FAQ to address the most common H-1B cap questions.

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