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A complex, opaque process and sluggish service response times lead to applicant frustration and anxiety, inhibiting successful recruitment and long-term employee retention.

Aaron Jones
“Bridge's team has been incredibly helpful in our efforts to pursue the best talent, regardless of location.”
Aaron Jones
Human Resources Operations Team Lead
The cornerstone of our approach is enabling high-quality experiences for international employees.

The Bridge platform offers a rich set of capabilities designed to inform, encourage, and empower employees on their immigration journeys.

No intermediaries

Employees have direct access to their responsive immigration team whenever they need it.

Process demystification and support

Our technology platform equips applicants with tools and resources that minimize anxiety, shorten turnaround times, and make the entire process less daunting.

The custom-tailored Help Center provides informative articles and answers to common questions.

Applicants can also access a full library of document samples with explanatory notes on exactly what information is needed from them and why.

Personalized orientation and assistance

Bridge works with new applicants on an individual basis to help them navigate procedures and become fluent in using our software.

Real-time transparency

Employees receive immediate email notification of key case milestones, due dates, and outcomes, and can track their progress stages on an interactive calendar.

Long-term planning and visibility

Employees can view, enter, and annotate future events in a centralized timeline of their multi-year employment journey—instilling confidence, fostering peace of mind, and ultimately boosting their loyalty and retention.

Employee Efficient Case Studies

“Bridge gave our international employees direct access to ease their anxieties, while accelerating processing times and reducing People Operations time spent.”
Kat Judd, VP of People Operations
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“Bridge has given our HR team and foreign national employees unprecedented transparency into the previously opaque and anxiety-inducing immigration process.”
Kellie Lattimore, HR Business Partners Manager
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H-1B Cap Post-Filing FAQ

What should you do after you've filed your H-1B Cap petition? We know how stressful this process can be, so we built this FAQ to address the most common H-1B cap questions.

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