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International Employee Lifecycle Management

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Accelerate recruitment, ease anxiety, and improve long-term employee retention.

Status Management

Improve efficiency and minimize the time you spend on managing your international employees' immigration statuses. Stay on top of deadlines, customize workflows, and track cases.

  • Robust application workflows: track case progress, responsibilities, due dates, and target filing dates.
  • Dashboards and proactive email notifications: never miss a key step or deadline, with reminders both inside the application and in your inbox.
  • Projections: plan and forecast immigration activity for each employee based on immigration profile, company policy, and government processing times.
  • Support beyond case approval: we continue to engage with you at every stage of the employee lifecycle, including immigration implications of events ranging from international travel to family changes.

    Employee Onboarding

    Bridge reduces time-to-start for international employees with technology, individualized support, and a self-service help center.

    • Direct communication: applicants can ask questions inside or outside the platform.
    • Rapid response: we typically have answers ready before questions even arise. When you do query us with an issue or concern, we get back to you promptly -usually in less than 30 minutes.
    • Direct applicant access to legal team: we’ve eliminated intermediaries and other traditional barriers between applicants and expertise.
    • Knowledge base: content to educate and empower applicants along their journey.

      Employee Retention

      Bridge helps you retain top talent by streamlining the green card process, ensuring compliance, and providing ongoing immigration support.

      • Real-time transparency: employees receive immediate email notification of key case milestones, due dates, and outcomes, and can track their progress stages on an interactive calendar.
      • Long-term planning and visibility: view, enter, and annotate future events in a centralized timeline of their multi-year employment journey. Get a better understanding of the PERM timeline.
      • Digital immigration record: chronicle past immigration and immigration-related life events for record-keeping and planning purposes.
      • Family tracking: create immigration profiles for applicant family members and receive the same notifications and reminders as other users.


        Bridge optimizes your immigration budget by tapping into existing data, forecasting future applications, and tracking costs.

        • Budgeting dashboards: provide a real-time view of immigration cases and their associated costs.
        • Aggregated reports: detailing historical and projected spend by employee, quarter, department, cost center, and in aggregate.
        • Estimation tools: based on variables you toggle off and on, for example, number of dependents or green card sponsorship.
        • Projected cost-per-hire: develop a more accurate picture with visuals of immigration spending over time and identify opportunities for cost savings.