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Reinventing Services to Level-Up Your Immigration Program

Our approach to service is high-touch and personally-oriented, emphasizing process transparency and clear communication to relieve applicant anxiety and assure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Operating as a proactive and seamless extension of your own team, we streamline and manage your immigration processes at every stage.

Superior Services from a Dedicated Team

While other providers spend as much as 70% of their time on administrative tasks, our technology platform enables us to instead focus on substance, providing you with:

  • Rapid response. We typically have answers ready before questions even arise. When you do query us with an issue or concern, we get back to you promptly—usually in less than 30 minutes.
  • Direct applicant access to legal team. To make immigration processes more open and transparent, we’ve eliminated intermediaries and other traditional barriers between applicants and expertise. Your employees can get the one-on-one legal advice they need, whenever they need it.
  • Support well beyond case approval. We continue to engage with you at every stage of the employee lifecycle, including immigration implications of events ranging from international travel to family changes.

Legal Expertise Plus Data-Driven Insight

Rather than hunches and intuition, you receive advice and decisions grounded in decades of legal experience enhanced by evidence and trends drawn from our analytics-ready database of 50,000-plus applications.

  • Innovative approaches. Data-driven insights let us offer you a broader range of options, including little-known pathways that can maximize the likelihood of success.
  • Enhanced risk management. We help you reduce legal exposure and avoid unproductive application cycles by steering you around unworkable strategies.

Strategic Planning to Sharpen Your Talent Edge

When based on a long-term foundation, individual immigration decisions produce more than just short-term gains. Bridge’s forward-looking approach can make a pivotal difference in shaping your workforce to deliver an enduring performance advantage.

  • Alignment with company objectives. We begin by learning about your overall business goals. Then we recommend strategies and policies to help you achieve them within your optimum timeframe.
  • Employee career mobility pathways. Each of your international employees can view a detailed and personalized immigration plan showing their expected upward trajectory within the organization, helping to strengthen loyalty and ensure retention.
  • Compliance health assessment. We evaluate your overall immigration compliance status on a regular basis, taking steps as needed to bypass risks before they materialize.

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