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Case Management

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Streamline and simplify the complex immigration case management process.

Legal Outcomes

We help you create a sound legal strategy, handle all case preparation and filing, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. We also enhance strategic planning and take on complex cases.

  • Deep legal expertise: we help you develop a detailed and competitive immigration plan for every employee, including extensions and Green Cards, to take your immigration program to the next level.
  • Personalized legal advice: world class attorneys with a 98+% application approval rate, are here to provide you with expert guidance at every step.
  • Comprehensive workflows: transform perplexing, convoluted immigration processes into coherent workflows you can intuit at a glance on our platform.
  • Proactive risk mitigation: we help you reduce legal exposure and avoid unproductive application cycles by steering you around unworkable strategies.


    We regularly assess your compliance status and mitigate risks. Our platform digitizes your operations and processes, eliminates errors, and alerts you of deadlines.

    • Compliance health assessment: we evaluate your overall immigration compliance status on a regular basis, taking steps as needed to bypass risks before they materialize.
    • Automated compliance: one-click approval of Public Access Files, digital retention, and automated purging after retention date to minimize legal exposure.
    • Compliance dashboard: with visibility into compliance “hot spots.” Compliance documents prepared by other providers can be imported.

    • On-demand audit history: for each task and document.

      Process Management

      Our software platform streamlines and simplifies immigration case management, automating tasks, providing transparency, and personalizing service.

      • Real-time transparency: employees receive immediate email notification of key case milestones, due dates, and outcomes, and can track their progress stages on an interactive calendar.
      • Long-term planning and visibility: view, enter, and annotate future events in a centralized timeline of their multi-year employment journey. Get a better understanding of the PERM timeline.
      • Digital immigration record: chronicle past immigration and immigration-related life events for record-keeping and planning purposes.
      • Family tracking: create immigration profiles for applicant family members and receive the same notifications and reminders as other users.


        Our communication process is simple and straightforward. Whether you prefer to communicate within or outside of the platform, we've got you covered.

        • Communication logs: all discussions related to an applicant or application are conveniently stored and displayed.
        • Customizable permissions: discuss any file, assignment, or worker with customizable permissions to determine who is included in the chat.
        • Two-way synchronization feature: join discussions via email or in-app chat.
        • High-touch and personally-oriented approach: emphasizing process transparency and clear communication to relieve applicant anxiety and assure that nothing falls through the cracks.

          Information Management

          Simplify your data and case workflows with automation, transparency, compliance, and security.

          • Automate repetitive tasks: such as document management and retrieval, paperless review and approval.
          • Transparency: all case process phases are visible, with proactive alerts and an auditable history for all timelines, milestones, and documents.
          • Rigorous compliance measures: help you stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.
          • Security: user authorization controls keep sensitive data and communications private and secure.