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Careers & Kin: Navigating the Intersection of Work & Family Visas

During this webinar, our legal experts will provide you with actionable strategies to harmonize your work and family immigration plans.

Topics include:
- Introduction to Family and Business Immigration Intersections
- Work Permit Options for Dependents
- Green Card Processing: EB Dependents vs. Family-Based Sponsorship
- Popular Work and Family-based Visa Options to Consider

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Visa Bulletin Breakdown: Addressing Your Questions Amidst Worldwide Retrogression

Navigating the complexities of the Visa Bulletin, especially amidst the challenges of worldwide retrogression, is a pressing concern for many HR professionals. Our upcoming webinar aims to unpack recent updates, delve into the implications of retrogression for international recruitment, and provide strategies for effective visa status management.

Key Discussion Points:

- Overview of the Latest Visa Bulletin: Unpacking recent updates, key changes, and what they mean for HR professionals handling immigration.

- Worldwide Retrogression Defined: A clear understanding of its impact on current and potential visa applicants, as well as the broader implications for international recruitment and retention strategies.

- Strategies for Effective Visa Status Management: Tips and best practices for handling visa statuses during challenging retrogression periods.

- Audience Q&A Session: An interactive segment dedicated to answering submitted questions from attendees, providing real-time insights and guidance on pressing visa and retrogression concerns.

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Mastering the Visa Shuffle: Navigating Change of Status Transitions From H-1B & Back Again Amid Layoffs & USCIS Policy Changes

This webinar aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and strategies they need to successfully navigate the complexities of changing visa statuses, especially in the context of recent USCIS policy shifts and labor market uncertainties.

Topics include:

- Understanding the Landscape: Recent Changes in USCIS Policy and Labor Market

- Strategies for Flip-Flopping Between H-1B and Dependent Visas (B-1/H4/F-2)

- How to Time Change of Status Requests

- Legal and Financial Considerations

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Navigating Canadian Visa Options for International Employees in the U.S.

In this webinar, ImmiPartner Co-Founder and Partner, Ting Ni and Canadian Immigration Attorney, Pavan Dhillon, cover everything you need to know about Canadian visa options for your international employees currently based in the U.S.

Topics include:
1. Understanding Canadian Solutions for U.S.-Based Employees: Exploring viable visa alternatives for time-pressed individuals in the U.S.
2. Strategic Approaches to Utilizing Canadian Visas: Exploring transitional pathways for international employees to use Canadian visa options while they wait for opportunities in the U.S.  
3. Canada's Visa Avenues for Companies: Sustainable paths for establishing or expanding Canadian operations, addressing short and long-term objectives.
4. Leveraging Permanent Residency Routes: Explore pathways leading to permanent residency in Canada, enabling international employees to establish a stable and prosperous future north of the border.

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End of I-9 COVID Flexibilities: What Employers Need to Know

In this session, our guest presenter and Managing Director of Kersey Immigration Compliance, Nici Kersey, will offer practical guidance on maintaining compliance once flexibilities end. Topics she will cover include:

- What does this mean for employers? Understand what this means for your business, what will change, and what will not change.

- Preparing for the transition: Learn about the implications of I-9 flexibilities ending and steps to navigate the transition smoothly.

- Best practices and next steps: Explore strategies to maintain strong I-9 compliance and considerations for remote companies.

- Virtual verification: What the recent DHS announcement means for employers and employees.

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Strategies for Dealing with Increased Government Processing Times in the Green Card Process

In this informative session, ImmiPartner attorney, Tu Castillo will discuss the top three strategic initiatives that companies should consider when dealing with PERM processing. With a focus on minimizing the effects of current DOL delays, she will provide you with valuable insights to effectively navigate these challenges.

Key topics we will cover:

  1. Timing: Discover the optimal time to initiate the Green Card process to avoid unnecessary delays and expedite your employees' path to permanent residency.
  2. Streamlining Your PERM Strategy: Explore proven strategies to optimize your PERM processing, ensuring smoother workflows and improved efficiency.
  3. Concurrent Recruitment and Batching: Learn how to leverage concurrent recruitment and smart batching techniques to maximize the number of individuals progressing through the Green Card process while minimizing paperwork.
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Consular Case Processing: Tips and Tricks for Employers

Consular case processing is an essential part of the immigration process for international employees and employers. Understanding the nuances of consular processing can help HR professionals streamline the immigration process for their employees and overcome common challenges.

During the webinar, our immigration professionals will cover:

  • Key differences between consular case processing and visa processing
  • The current state of U.S. consular case processing and problem areas
  • The importance of having a comprehensive consular strategy for a successful immigration program

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Next Steps if Your Employee Was Not Selected in the H-1B Lottery

The H-1B lottery is a highly competitive process, with more applicants than available visas. Unfortunately, not everyone applying for an H-1B visa is selected in the lottery, which can be a significant setback for employees and employers. This webinar is designed to help employers whose employees were not selected in the H-1B lottery understand their options and plan their next steps.

Topics we cover include:

  • Exploring other employment-based immigration options.
  • Understanding the impact on the employee and employer.
  • Strategizing for the next H-1B filing season.
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Winning the Lottery: Next Steps for H-1B Lottery Winners

As an employer, you know that recruiting talented international employees through the H-1B visa program is a great way to bring skilled professionals to your company. However, the H-1B visa process can be complex, and it can be challenging to know what to do when one of your employees is selected in the H-1B lottery.

Join Bridge and ImmiPartner Co-Founder and Partner, Ting Ni for a live webinar on Thursday, March 30th at 1 p.m. CST where we'll provide you with valuable information and insights to help you navigate the next steps of the H-1B visa process successfully.

Topics we will cover include:

  • The filing window and important deadlines
  • Minimum documentation requirements
  • Premium processing considerations
  • Cap-Gap issues

Register now to gain the valuable information and guidance you need to support your employees through the H-1B visa process successfully.

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H-1B CAP Lottery: How to Prepare

With the annual H-1B Lottery and CAP season quickly approaching, the time to start planning is now.

Join ImmiPartner and Bridge for an on-demand webinar covering the upcoming H-1B CAP Lottery.

Topics covered include:

  • What is the H-1B CAP Lottery?
  • Who should be considered?
  • Key dates to keep in mind
  • Why you should sponsor H-1B visas
  • Timeline
  • Post filing obligations
  • Policy development
  • Other considerations

The webinar is aimed at helping HR professionals better understand the H-1B CAP Lottery process while also answering any questions employers have to better navigate CAP season.

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Surviving & Thriving in a Challenging Economy

Join Bridge and an expert panel of ImmiPartner attorneys for an on-demand webinar where we discuss how to handle immigration challenges in an uncertain economy while taking advantage of strategic hiring opportunities.

Topics covered include:

- Immigration considerations in a challenging economy

- How to prepare for the future and bolster your immigration program

- Strategic opportunities during times of uncertainty

The webinar features ImmiPartner attorneys Ting Ni, Hendrik Pretorius, and Kruthi Vishwanath, who are experts in the field of immigration law and provide valuable insights and practical tips on how to tackle the current economic challenges. Watch now to gain valuable insights and strategies that will help you navigate through these uncertain times.

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A guide to hiring visa candidates as a startup

Covering the STEM talent shortage, how to get involved in visa sponsorship as a startup, and some common scenarios with employee visa lifecycles this webinar is jam-packed with information. Immipartner attorneys Hendrik Pretorius and Dennis Hul uncover, examine, and explain the talent opportunity for startups looking for STEM talent and how to get started. 

A few questions covered include: 

  • How can I hire international students who recently graduated from U.S. colleges?
  • What is the difference between CPT and OPT?
  • What is the process and cost of an H-1B?
  • What visa types other than the H-1B are available for international candidates? And what is the difference between E-3 and TN visas?
  • What is the Green Card Process?

They’ll also share resources like a Visa Options Guide and a Green Card Process Overview Guide for HR & Talent team members that is available upon request. 

If you’ve ever considered hiring foreign candidates or if you’re having trouble finding the right candidate in today’s hectic hiring market - this is one webinar you don’t want to miss. 

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Building an Inclusive Culture for International Employees

In this discussion, our esteemed panelists will unpack the intersection of inclusivity and international talent.

The panel will explore ways to identify and assess opportunities to foster a more inclusive culture. Dissect organizational best practices and tips, as well as explore a few tools addressing this opportunity.

Attendees will learn how other organizations are combining practice with technology from a variety of functions and verticals to support international employees.

You'll learn:

  • Gain more clarity on ways inclusivity can impact your role and team's performance
  • Explore other organization’s practices and tips around inclusion
  • Learn more about tools that can help companies foster more inclusive practices
  • Holistically (From recruitment, to onboarding, to retention) - how are your orgs combining practice with technology to support international employees
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Navigating Uncertainty in the U.S: Exploring Immigration Canada

With the current uncertainty of the immigration climate in the United States, our partnering law firms, ImmiPartner and Dhillon Immigration Law, have fielded many questions from human resource professionals and employers who are asking what options they have in pursuing visas outside of the United States.

Join us on Tuesday, August 11th at 10 am PST/1 pm EDT as we discuss your options with immigration attorneys, U.S. Co-founder of ImmiParter, Ting Ni, and Canadian Founder of Dhillon Immigration Law, Pavan Dhillon.

You'll learn:

  • Options in Canada for employees who are running out of options/time in the U.S.
  • Short and long-term options for those companies that want to set up an entity in Canada and for companies that already have one.
  • Q & A session to answer your most pressing questions about U.S. and Canadian immigration options.
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Proclamation on Immigration: What it Means and What's Next

On June 22nd, President Trump announced an expansion of his Executive Order on immigration from April 22nd that extends the suspension of new green cards to immigrants abroad, and will also halt the entry of temporary work visas in the H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L-1, L-2 and J categories through the end of the year.

You'll learn:

  • What’s Happening: exploring your options with this proclamation.
  • What’s Next: insight into changes that we could possibly see in the future.
  • Q & A: receive answers to your most pressing immigration questions.
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Next Act: Connecting International Job Seekers to Opportunity

Bridge, in partnership with Unshackled Ventures, Upwardly Global, and James Richards launched Next Act, an initiative to help immigrant job seekers through COVID-19. Next Act offers affected individuals an arsenal of free resources designed to help the international community land their next position. 

On May 28th, 2020 legal counsel and immigration experts discussed options for international employees and hosted a Q&A session to get critical questions answered live.

In this webinar, we discussed options for affected international job seekers on H-1Bs, B-1/B-1s, F-1s, and O-1s. As well as introductions to VCs that predominantly fund immigrant entrepreneurs and resources for international visionaries to start their own venture.

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U.S. Immigration in the Age of Coronavirus

In light of COVID-19, we've heard from many newcomers and employers worried about immigration status. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic has led governments across the world to implement a range of temporary immigration-related measures in order to contain the spread. In light of these developments, many individuals who have recently moved or are hoping to move to the U.S. may find themselves grappling with uncertainty.

During this webinar, recorded March 30, 2020, hear from a panel of experts on how the immigration landscape is changing in the face of travel bans and restrictions hosted by Nova Credit.

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Covid-19: Preparing Immigration for a Digital Transformation

Listen in as Bridge and ImmiPartner present COVID-19: Preparing Immigration for Digital Transformation, a webinar recorded on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. They discuss recent policy changes including essential travel, consular processing, and premium processing suspension. New working from home procedures and how to stay compliant. As well as navigating reduction in hours, salary, furloughs, and layoffs for most common employment-based visas.

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New Podcast for HRs

ImmiHR Podcast, hosted by ImmiPartner's CEO and California Bar Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration Law, Hendrik Pretorius, delivers immigration fundamentals, current events, and strategies for HR teams of all sizes to leverage in structuring and maintaining best-in-class immigration programs. 

Electronic LCA Posting: H-1B Best Practice

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The Impact of Layoffs on Green Card Processes

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H-1B Employee Termination

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