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Navigating Uncertainty in the U.S: Exploring Immigration Canada

With the current uncertainty of the immigration climate in the United States, our partnering law firms, ImmiPartner and Dhillon Immigration Law, have fielded many questions from human resource professionals and employers who are asking what options they have in pursuing visas outside of the United States.

Join us on Tuesday, August 11th at 10 am PST/1 pm EDT as we discuss your options with immigration attorneys, U.S. Co-founder of ImmiParter, Ting Ni, and Canadian Founder of Dhillon Immigration Law, Pavan Dhillon.

You'll learn:

- Options in Canada for employees who are running out of options/time in the U.S.
- Short and long-term options for those companies that want to set up an entity in Canada and for companies that already have one.
- Q & A session to answer your most pressing questions about U.S. and Canadian immigration options.

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Proclamation on Immigration: What it Means and What's Next

On June 22nd, President Trump announced an expansion of his Executive Order on immigration from April 22nd that extends the suspension of new green cards to immigrants abroad, and will also halt the entry of temporary work visas in the H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L-1, L-2 and J categories through the end of the year.

You'll learn:

  • What’s Happening: exploring your options with this proclamation.
  • What’s Next: insight into changes that we could possibly see in the future.
  • Q & A: receive answers to your most pressing immigration questions.
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Next Act: Connecting International Job Seekers to Opportunity

Bridge, in partnership with Unshackled Ventures, Upwardly Global, and James Richards launched Next Act, an initiative to help immigrant job seekers through COVID-19. Next Act offers affected individuals an arsenal of free resources designed to help the international community land their next position. 

On May 28th, 2020 legal counsel and immigration experts discussed options for international employees and hosted a Q&A session to get critical questions answered live.

In this webinar, we discussed options for affected international job seekers on H-1Bs, B-1/B-1s, F-1s, and O-1s. As well as introductions to VCs that predominantly fund immigrant entrepreneurs and resources for international visionaries to start their own venture.

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U.S. Immigration in the Age of Coronavirus

In light of COVID-19, we've heard from many newcomers and employers worried about immigration status. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic has led governments across the world to implement a range of temporary immigration-related measures in order to contain the spread. In light of these developments, many individuals who have recently moved or are hoping to move to the U.S. may find themselves grappling with uncertainty.

During this webinar, recorded March 30, 2020, hear from a panel of experts on how the immigration landscape is changing in the face of travel bans and restrictions hosted by Nova Credit.

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Covid-19: Preparing Immigration for a Digital Transformation

Listen in as Bridge and ImmiPartner present COVID-19: Preparing Immigration for Digital Transformation, a webinar recorded on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. They discuss recent policy changes including essential travel, consular processing, and premium processing suspension. New working from home procedures and how to stay compliant. As well as navigating reduction in hours, salary, furloughs, and layoffs for most common employment-based visas.

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New Podcast for HRs

ImmiHR Podcast, hosted by ImmiPartner's CEO and California Bar Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration Law, Hendrik Pretorius, delivers immigration fundamentals, current events, and strategies for HR teams of all sizes to leverage in structuring and maintaining best-in-class immigration programs. 

Electronic LCA Posting: H-1B Best Practice

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The Impact of Layoffs on Green Card Processes

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H-1B Employee Termination

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