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Free H-1B legal services to support laid-off tech workers

Looking to sponsor an H-1B transfer for an individual who was recently laid off but don't know how to proceed? Bridge and our qualified legal partner, ImmiPartner, are pledging $250,000 in free H-1B legal services to companies with up to 250 employees to support laid-off tech workers. We're lowering the barrier to company sponsorship through free assessments, education for companies new to H-1B sponsorship, and case processing.

Lowering the burden for recently laid-off international candidates & their new employers

  • In response to the difficulty tech workers are currently experiencing, Bridge and ImmiPartner are pledging $250,000 of immigration legal work to support laid-off tech workers. 

    Any company with less than 250 employees looking to sponsor an H-1B transfer for an individual who was recently laid off should reach out to us immediately. We hope that this pledge of legal work - aimed at educating companies about the H-1B visa, conducting H-1B legal assessments, and representing companies in H-1B transfer filings - will help ease one of the additional burdens that international tech workers face when laid off.

    Not sure where to start? We’re happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us today to learn more about the H-1B transfer process and receive a free assessment.

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Why should I hire an international employee now?

Hundreds of thousands of the world's most talented international candidates are at risk of losing their legal status due to recent tech layoffs and are scrambling to try and find suitable employers. Immigration rules limit how long such laid-off H-1B workers can remain in the U.S. without an employer before starting to accrue unlawful presence in the U.S. There is typically a 60-day grace period within which a new employer may apply to transfer the laid-off worker’s H-1B to their company. 

Is this service really free?

Yes. Bridge and ImmiPartner are long-time advocates of the international community and the benefits that the world's international talent brings to the U.S. We have processed thousands of immigration filings, including H-1B transfers, for hundreds of satisfied corporate clients through a combination of top legal advice and technology. We're simply looking to do our part during this extraordinary period by educating smaller companies who might have questions or concerns about H-1B sponsorship, while also lowering the cost barriers to sponsorship. Our hope is this might make it easier for laid-off H-1B workers to find great new employers.

We are a small company - is hiring international talent right for us?

It is absolutely worth considering as data has shown that there are drastic shortages of STEM workers in the U.S. We're hoping to remove the barrier to hiring international employees for companies with less than 250 employees, whether that’s from a cost perspective or simply education. 

I'm an international employee who was recently laid off. Can you help?

Yes. If you’re in the process of job searching, please mention this option to any company with less than 250 employees that you are in the recruitment process with.

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