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Keep your Immigration Data Secure

Enterprise-Level Security Standards at Every Step


Access controls:
Access to Bridge is restricted to those authorized to view the data in question. Each user group (your HR Admin users, your international employees and the legal team supporting you) will have different levels of access depending on their responsibilities in the immigration process. We monitor all systems and are alerted to multiple sign-in attempts, accounts being shared across different regions, and high volume behavior.

Access to data can only be granted by those with access, who specifically provides access to someone else within the organization.

Single Sign-On:
With your authentication system to ensure that, once employees are terminated, they lose their access to Bridge.

Permissions for any user in any document can be changed or revoked any time

One or more system administrators are defined within your organization, and only they (along with those on the Bridge side) have access to all levels of your information within the platform.

At Bridge, we regularly train our teams to understand how important your information is, the impact of risks and how to address them properly.

Password strength:
Best practices password policy, including length, no reuse, renewal frequency, and state-of-the-art two-factor authentication

We protect your information from disclosure to unauthorized parties, while ensuring that authorized parties have access
We fully protect your information from being modified by unauthorized parties


Encryption at rest:
Database instances use encrypted disks to store the information (Block Level encryption with AES-256)

Long-term encryption:
Comprehensive backup policy, keeping daily backups for the past 30 days in an encrypted file system.

File encryption:
All files uploaded to the Bridge application are treated as data at rest, becoming encrypted and stored using the same technologies.

Data in transit:
All user communications are secured via SSL certificates (4096 bits SHA256 with RSA and TLS 1.2).

Detection of shared logins, content scraping, geolocation of sign-ins, and automated sign-ins.

Auditing data and documents allows restoring data at any point of time or determining exactly when and who made any change.

Restricted maintenance access for personnel with specific authorization. Only authorized personnel can access your instances and perform maintenance tasks.


Higher than 99.9% on average for the past 6 months

Back on track:
Our Support Team (accessible anytime via email or through the Bridge platform itself) will make sure that in case your access to Bridge gets interrupted by a failure of the system, you are back on track working with your documents as quickly as possible.

Always up to date:
Your Bridge application is always up-to-date with the software version. All new features become immediately available to you.

Track record of success and subscription to real-time incident notifications

Web App Firewall:
We implement a series of measurements against threats such as denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and network intrusions. Equalizing response times to different authentication requests, registering devices, screen sizes, browser versions, IP addresses and using two-factor authentication, are some of the barriers that Bridge implements to limit the ability of attacks to have any impact on your business.

Data recovery:
Bridge relies on a fast and comprehensive disaster recovery plan (DRP) in the eventual case of the cloud provider failing to continue serving the Bridge application. All data is backed up with enough granularity for your business to be back on track without losing precious time.

We ensure that authorized parties are able to access the information when they need it.

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