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Your Mission Control for Immigration

The Bridge Platform

The Bridge Platform organizes and harmonizes your entire immigration function

It serves as an always up-to-date source of truth for all international employees and applications. Tedious manual tasks are automated, bloated processes streamlined, and review and approval made paperless. All to lighten your load and minimize the time HR professionals spend on application processing and immigration administration.

Process Visibility

  • Robust application workflows: track case progress, responsibilities, due dates, and target filing dates.
  • Dashboards and email notifications: never miss a key step or deadline, with reminders both inside the application and in your inbox.
  • Audit history for each task and document.
  • Communication history: see all conversations for a given application or applicant, all in one place.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility

  • Reports and statistics on current, prospective, and terminated applicants by immigration status, expiration dates, or nationality.
  • Reports and statistics on all past applications.
  • Compliance dashboard with visibility into compliance “hot spots.” Compliance documents prepared by other providers can be imported.


  • Organized communication: discuss any document, task or employee, with flexible permissions that allow you to control who is on the thread. Bi-directional sync between in-app communication and email, enabling participation when and where you want.
  • Task assignment: customized assignment tailored to your internal processes, with one-click transfer of responsibilities, case-by-case or in bulk.
  • Digital data and document intake, management, and indexing.

Planning and Strategy

  • Policy builder: benchmark and create a company immigration policy.
  • Projections: plan and forecast immigration activity for each employee based on immigration profile, company policy, and government processing times.
  • Budgeting: view historical and projected spend by employee and in aggregate.


  • Data and document reusability: easy retrieval eliminates redundant data requests.
  • Digital review and approval: no need for case-to-case physical mail.
  • Automated compliance: one-click approval of Public Access Files, digital retention, and automated purging after retention date to minimize legal exposure.

Employee Experience

  • Robust application workflows: collaborate on a shared application roadmap for full process visibility and peace of mind.
  • Direct communication: applicants can ask questions inside or outside the platform.
  • Document samples and requirements: explains why various documents are needed, with examples and requirements to reduce confusing and tedious back-and-forth.
  • Knowledge base: content to educate and empower applicants along their journey.
  • Digital immigration record: chronicle past and future immigration and immigration-related life events for record-keeping and planning purposes.
  • Family tracking: create immigration profiles for applicant family members and receive the same notifications and reminders as other users.


  • Cloud-based for easy setup and configuration
  • GDPR compliant
  • Single sign-on support
  • Permissions: control permissions to manage data access and restrict visibility
  • Robust data security and confidentiality
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