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Immigration Program
Maturity Assessment

Overall: Emerging

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Immigration Program Maturity Assessment empowers companies to gain unprecendented visibility into the overall health of their immigration practices. Teams can gain instant access to spot company-wide opportunities to win the war on talent.

Why you should care about immigration program maturity?

Finding and retaining top technical talent is difficult, coupled an ever-changing immigration landscape, the opportunities to improve this function are endless.

Optimizing your program can help companies round out their employee experience, improve hiring times, and reduce uncertainty across the employee lifecycle.

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How mature is your immigration function?

Teams that are optimized across the key dimensions are well ahead of industry peers.

Teams have built some repeatable processes and have a dependable bank of resources for common scenarios, but a few competencies might have been neglected.

Teams have cobbled together some processess and reporting, but there are some glaring weaknesses creating anxiety and stress for people involved.

Teams might be following all the legal steps to get cases approved, but it is unwieldy and reactive.

Forward-thinking companies that optimize their immigration function will outperform those who don’t.

What are the Key Immigration Dimensions?

Operational Efficiency: Modern companies leverage modern tools and technologies
Employee Experience: Winning cultures breed winning companies
Talent Management: People's locations are dynamic, so your data insights should be too

Beyond transactional case processing, programmatic immigration management can support many parts of a growing business. From Finance to People Operations, an optimized immigration process can help companies to reduce uncessary exposure and spend while fostering a delightful employee experience.

What to improve?

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