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Global Citizens Program

At Bridge, Helping People is Mission Critical

Bridge's Global Citizens Program provides a platform to amplify the contributions of Bridge people to their causes of choice in the world of immigration and global talent mobility.

Every day, Bridge inspires the Global Citizen in all of us. Together, we are a force for good that propels our collective impact in the global community.

We are all

Who we are fuels what we do. Our leadership team strongly believes Bridge should amplify our people’s personal passions for improving immigration, a cause close to their hearts. Everyone has something to contribute and so do you.

Our Latest Event with Upwardly Global

On November 5th, Bridge hosted an event in its Chicago offices in partnership with Upwardly Global.

The goal? Provide job-search training for skilled immigrants in the US, something the Bridge team found very compelling.

Two million skilled immigrants and refugees in the US are unemployed or in low-skill jobs despite advanced education and professional experience, and millions more globally face similar challenge.

Upwardly Global is a national, award-winning nonprofit organization with offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Detroit.

Upwardly Global helps work-authorized, skilled immigrants rebuild their professional careers in the U.S. by providing professional job-search training and access to employers with global talent needs.

To date, the organization has coached 5,000 skilled immigrants and has assisted over 2,000 professionals back into their career field.

Upwardly Global offers an excellent opportunity for volunteers to work hands on with immigrants to the US on their interviewing skills and resume building skills. The staff prepares volunteers during a brief session prior to being partnered up with a job-seeker.

We were so glad to host an evening of training in our Chicago offices. Several members of our wonderful and highly engaged Client Services team had taken care of all the planning and the event was a total success.

We can't wait to host another event in San Francisco!

Our Commitment:
The Power of Collective Impact

Combining our time, talent, and resources to create change, knowing that our individual actions matter, remembering that big things have small beginnings.
Sharing Our Expertise

Unlocking opportunities through pro-bono expert guidance for immigrants and job seekers.

Sharing Our Values

Being welcoming and rallying people around shared positive values, especially at a time when divisiveness is rampant.

Strengthening Communities

Increasing our collective impact in the community through employee-led activities to remove barriers to opportunity.

Creating A Movement

We aim to nurture a vibrant, global movement equipped with tools for learning and advocating. From the stories of our clients, ideas from leading thinkers, to news on the status of immigration and ways to take action, we wish to make belonging and hiring without borders a reality for everyone.