High-growth, venture-backed technology company Webflow partners with Bridge to keep a globally distributed workforce feeling local



Vlad Magdalin, CEO and co-founder of Webflow, is a firm believer that great talent can come from any corner of the globe, and that geography is no reason to miss out on an amazing hire. Accordingly, he’s built a consciously “remote-friendly” company culture - with over 60% of Webflow’s employees happily based outside the CA headquarters. 

Along with this innovative approach to hiring, however, Vlad soon realized existing immigration processes were failing to keep up with his rapidly scaling and global workforce - both operationally and strategically. If Vlad wanted to hire from abroad, for example, it could take months to get from reviewing a candidate’s case at the recruiting stage to applying for and procuring a visa, to having that person formally begin employment. That extensive turnaround time made project forecasting and planning unnecessarily difficult.

Additionally, since many international candidates have never worked in the US before - visa options for these folks were limited, and significantly more complex - particularly if the goal was to bring them onboard fast.

Vlad saw an opportunity to level up his immigration function with a legal team well-versed in the nuances of a remote workforce, empowered by the speed and transparency of Bridge’s technology.


All new applications moving forward were processed paperlessly through Bridge and added to a centralized tracking dashboard automatically
Dedicated a high-touch legal team to quickly field all inquiries from all globally-based employees or candidates
Granted Webflow real-time, autonomous access to their own case status, and the ability to provide key data directly to the Bridge legal team
Empowered Webflow team to procure digital visa assessments for candidates via the Bridge platform
The Bridge team helped us remove a lot of roadblocks in hiring amazing talent from abroad, and created a streamlined process both for our company and for candidates that needed specialized visas. The entire process became faster, cheaper, and much more transparent than before.
Vlad Magdalin


Dynamic timeline visibility for each application allows Webflow’s People team to seamlessly predict and align global mobility with product development initiatives
50% faster application turnaround time
Step-by-step transparency for each candidate, up to and through the filing of each immigration application allows HR to provide an industry-leading experience to all candidates
Equipped People team with the expertise and understanding necessary to properly utilize O-1 "Einstein visa" for high-priority candidates
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  • Company Overview:
    Webflow is the way to design, build, and launch powerful websites visually — without coding.
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, O-1, Green Card
  • Industry:
  • Location:
    San Francisco, California

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