Venture-backed company partners with Bridge to leverage immigration as a secret weapon in the war for technical talent

Venture-backed Technology Company


The VP of People at a rapidly growing tech company was tasked with scaling the company’s technical headcount by an ambitious 300% over a 12 month period, all while building an operationally efficient internal People team, and maintaining a truly world-class employee experience for every candidate.

Very quickly, however, they recognized that existing immigration processes would be a hindrance to these goals. The company's local immigration firm, for example, operated primarily via manual and paper-driven processes - which offered little visibility or peace of mind to international candidates, left the majority of the administrative burden with an increasingly overstretched internal team, and offered no proactive planning for the international employee journey beyond that initial visa approval.

In an ideal world, this VP would be focused on broader strategic initiatives, but was instead finding themselves pulled into immigration admin work far more often than expected.

Ultimately the company moved forward with Bridge’s uniquely tech-enabled solution to immigration both to address some of these core issues, and to position themselves to compete for these in-demand international candidates more effectively than ever.


Granted international employees real-time, autonomous access to their own case status, and the ability to provide key data directly to the Bridge team
All new applications moving forward were processed paperlessly through Bridge with minimal employer involvement
Dedicated a high-touch legal team to quickly field all inquiries from both the People team and its international employees.
"In competitive hiring markets like ours, speed and effectiveness are paramount - and existing immigration processes were failing to keep up. Bridge’s thoughtful use of software with legal experts was exactly what we needed to level up immigration as a whole and scale with confidence."
-VP of People


70% reduction in administrative time spent on immigration, allowing the VP of People to delegate day-to-day duties and direct their focus on broader strategic initiatives
Created a best-in-class experience for all international candidates by easing their anxieties with a high-touch and personalized support team
Established smooth and repeatable immigration processes, giving them the confidence to scale technical teams as quickly as possible - leading to 200% YoY growth in IT and engineering
Centralized all key international employee data under one roof, providing clear line of sight into all future extension and Green Card needs
  • Company:
    Venture-backed Technology Company
  • Company Overview:
    The company has created an innovative commerce platform
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, E-3, Green Card
  • Industry:
  • Location:

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