Industry-leading paint manufacturer partners with Bridge to modernize processes and delight employees

Leading American Paint Manufacturer


HR specialist at a leading paint manufacturer, was the first and only line of defense for all immigration matters at one of the most prolific and large scale paint manufacturers in the world.

Day-to-day, that meant handling everything from tracking key immigration data for a growing population of 30+ international employees, middle-manning all communication between candidates and attorneys, and managing high-stakes compliance standards. 

HR's existing relationship with outside immigration counsel, however, was proving insufficient to meet these needs - primarily due to the firm’s inherent lack of transparency. For example, neither HR nor their international candidates had any visibility into case statuses, expiration dates, or other basic immigration data, which made the process stressful for employees and unpredictable for HR. 

Ultimately HR made the choice to transition to Bridge, both as a means of streamlining internal processes and improving the lives of their employees.


Collaborated with HR to migrate the entire 30+ international employee population from a series of complex spreadsheets into a user-friendly tracking dashboard
Dedicated a high-touch legal team to quickly field all inquiries from both HR and its international employees
All new applications moving forward were processed through Bridge with minimal HR involvement, with user-friendly tracking capabilities
Implemented a digital immigration case review process custom-designed to meet company policies
“In the current political climate, candidates are more anxious about the immigration process than ever before - and I don’t blame them. Bridge provides the transparency needed to give my team the peace of mind they deserve, while also empowering me to work efficiently at scale.”
-HR Specialist


Decreased H-1B RFE frequency, improving case turnaround time and reducing cost
Dramatically improved international employee experience
Mitigated immigration compliance exposure by automating company PAF management process
Reduced HR admin time spent on immigration by 70%
  • Company:
    Leading American Paint Manufacturer
  • Company Overview:
    Committed to producing the highest-quality paints and finishes in the industry
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, L-1A, Green Card
  • Industry:
    Paint Manufacturing
  • Location:
    Montvale, New Jersey

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