Large-scale, publicly traded airline provider partners with Bridge to streamline operations and optimize talent acquisition engine

Industry-leading Airline Provider


The Lead Hiring Manager at a large scale US-based airline was tasked with building a predictable talent pipeline of skilled pilots - an increasingly large percentage of whom were Australian-born nationals requiring E-3 visa sponsorship. 

As the scale of these E-3 sponsorships grew, however, they soon found themselves deeper and deeper in the unfamiliar world of corporate immigration - singlehandedly tracking key expiration dates for an E-3 employee population well north of 100 employees, drafting and project managing as many as 20-30 unique applications or renewals at a time, and struggling to keep his head above water amidst one of the most difficult immigration climates in US history.

To add another layer of complexity, the versatile nature of these pilots’ jobs meant they could be stationed at any of 10 possible airports across the US for short periods, which made filing a consistent E-3 application for each candidate nearly impossible. 

Eventually, when faced with the company's first E-3 application denial ever - and with no effective means of diagnosing why it occurred or how to fix it - the company made the decision to partner with Bridge to comprehensively optimize the company's immigration program from the ground up.


Collaborated with HR and Talent teams to migrate the entire 100+ strong E-3 population from a series of complex spreadsheets into a user-friendly tracking dashboard on the Bridge platform
All new E-3 applications moving forward were processed digitally through Bridge, rather than manually by the company HR team, and added to the tracking dashboard automatically
Audited all previous E-3 applications - including the denial- and implemented a revised LCA processing strategy to improve the strength of all future applications.
"One of my biggest concerns around immigration was not knowing what I don’t know - particularly as our volume of international candidates grew. Working with Bridge, they’ve implemented streamlined processes and creative strategies that have effectively made visa sponsorship a non-issue when evaluating candidates - which is exactly what I wanted."
-Leading Hiring Manager


Leveraging the revised LCA filing strategy, managed to convert the E-3 denial into an approval - with no lapse in work status to the employee
Reduced time to hire for Australian pilots from an average of 28 days down to 9, vastly improving the efficiency of the company's talent acquisition engine
Re-engineered E-3 LCA filing process to solve for pilot geo-flexibility issues
Enabled company recruiters to open and track applications themselves, allowing the Hiring Manager to operate as high-level program manager, rather than day-to-day admin
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    Industry-leading Airline Provider
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    Publicly traded airline provider connects millions of passengers each month to more than 250 destinations across North America
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