Rapidly-growing SaaS company partners with Bridge to scale its immigration function

High-growth SaaS company


The VP of People at a rapidly growth SaaS copany led the corporate immigration function through the company’s most rapid growth period ever - from 300 to 600 full time employees total across 2 continents, and a roughly 300% increase in immigration sponsorships.

With that growth, a whole host of unexpected challenges emerged; the internal HR team was struggling to keep up with the rapidly expanding admin overhead for a population of 50+ international employees, visa applications were taking 4+ weeks to get processed, and the onboarding experience for these international candidates was beginning to slip.

Finally, when met with her first L-1A denial for a vital employee, the company made the decision to comprehensively streamline the immigration function through a partnership with Bridge.


Collaborated with HR to migrate the entire 50+ international employee population from a series of complex spreadsheets into a user-friendly tracking dashboard
All new applications moving forward were processed paperlessly through Bridge with minimal HR input and added to the tracking dashboard automatically.
Audited the denied L-1A application and deemed it worthwhile to reapply with additional evidence.
“Rapid growth is a blessing and a curse. We needed immigration to work both effectively and scalably while maintaining a world-class candidate experience. We found that with Bridge.”
-VP of People


70% reduction in HR time spent on immigration, effectively pre empting the need to hire additional HR personnel.
Got approval on a previously denied L-1A petition
Successfully procured an L Blanket approval, streamlining the process of transferring talent from their India entity to the US.
Enabled company recruiters to open and track immigration applications themselves, allowing VP of People to operate as high-level program manager, rather than day-to-day admin.
  • Company:
    High-growth SaaS company
  • Company Overview:
    Enterprise SaaS Software Provider
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, L-1, Green Card
  • Industry:
  • Location:

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