Globally distributed workforces leverage Bridge technology to form order from chaos

Global Construction Company


The Manager of HR at a large scale construction company was the “immigration department of one” for a growing, global workforce spread across multiple continents. 

Day to day, this meant they were project managing anywhere from 15-20 active cases simultaneously, while rapidly responding to new requests from global recruiters - very few of whom were anywhere near her timezone - on top of all their other HR duties.

With no way of effectively delegating immigration duties across time zones, this manager felt overwhelmed by an immigration snowball effect that showed no signs of slowing down.


Generated a unique company account for each of the company’s four global entities on the Bridge platform, before migrating all relevant immigration data of 50+ employees for secure and organized storage
Granted limited platform permission to six of the HR Manager's lead recruiters only to accounts for which they are responsible
Dedicated a high-touch legal team to quickly field all inquiries from both company international employees and recruiters
"We needed an immigration partner that could handle both the speed and organizational complexity of a global company, and we found that with Bridge."
-Manager of HR


Enabled recruiters to initiate immigration applications and get questions answered without having to go through Sandy
Organized four entities under one centralized system for systemic efficiency and security gains
Increased immigration processing speed by 50% by removing HR as a bottleneck
Improved international candidate experience with real-time support and transparent access to case progression
  • Company:
    Global Construction Company
  • Company Overview:
    Globally recognized, best-in-class construction company
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    E-2, H-1B, Green Card
  • Industry:
  • Location:

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