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Computer Aid


As immigration adjudication trends started to evolve at an unprecedented rate in early 2017, Patricia Doty and the Human Resources team at Computer Aid realized the previously in-house immigration model wasn’t prepared to keep pace.

Computer Aid had previously leveraged an in-house immigration model to serve IT implementation projects for public sector partners in transportation and emergency management, amongst others. While Computer Aid's in-house model had enjoyed relative success in previous generations, the rapidly changing immigration climate was proving to be a new challenge, for which non-legal resources were ill-equipped to handle. Computer Aid's Human Resources team was experiencing a nearly 80% increase in Requests for Evidence (RFEs), case denials, and a 4x increase in time commitment to receive a case approval. 

This unforeseen talent bottleneck was threatening the vitality of the company’s longstanding business model. Without the support of outside counsel, Computer Aid's Human Resources team was being overextended, taking focus away from other high-value responsibilities in their roles.


Sharing the learnings of 450+ other clients, the Bridge immigration team was able to widen Computer Aid's scope of immigration knowledge, even reclassifying the company’s at-risk SOC codes
Onboarding Computer Aid's 90+ international employees, the Bridge immigration team was able to contingency plan for the entire international employee population
Providing regular reports, audits, and feedback, the Bridge immigration team helps Computer Aid budget and mitigate compliance risk
Computer Aid
"With Bridge we have a strong strategic partner with a smooth process."
Patricia Doty
HCM Operations Manager


Reduced HR's overhead per case by nearly 70%, redirecting focus to other high-value responsibilities
HR is able to fully serve the business’ talent needs with a 100% case success rate
Airtight compliance, regardless of worksite location
Transparent processes and delighted employee
  • Company:
    Computer Aid
  • Company Overview:
    Computer Aid provides IT infrastructure and consulting solutions
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, E-3, TN, Green Cards
  • Industry:
    IT Consulting
  • Location:
    Allentown, PA

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