Silicon Valley unicorn partners with Bridge to modernize its immigration function and exceed hiring targets



As a rapidly expanding technology “unicorn” company, Carta’s growth trajectory has increased exponentially year over year - with technical talent at the forefront of that growth. With corporate immigration as just one of many responsibilities on the Carta HR team’s plate, their traditional immigration provider was proving unable to keep pace.

Carta’s primary pain point was that it lacked a simple and streamlined immigration program in which different stakeholders could be involved (e.g. hiring team, HR team, managers). Additionally, Carta needed legal and strategic guidance to build and implement an immigration policy for greater process transparency and compliance, while also serving as a means to better position Carta in the competitive tech labor market.

Carta's own business combines high-touch professional services and innovative technology to streamline the otherwise archaic equity management process. So it was only fitting that Carta’s HR team turned to Bridge to support the company’s growing immigration program.


Partnering with Carta's HR team to develop a unique immigration application processing structure, providing collaborative access to all relevant stakeholders involved at different stages of the immigration process
Presenting and implementing industry-competitive immigration sponsorship policies across the company, including a comprehensive Green Card policy
Providing frequent hiring best practice trainings and pre-offer candidate evaluations to both the People and Talent teams
Identified and implemented an L-1 “intracompany transfer” visa program to access a potential new talent pool from global Carta entities
"A strategic and effective immigration program has been a critical driver of Carta's talent goals, and Bridge has been instrumental in leading it."
Nolan Church
Chief People Officer


Cross-team collaboration across immigration applications reduces time-to-file by 40%
Standardized Green Card policy empowers Carta to attract international talent and exceed a 62% year-over-year headcount growth
Collaborative case-processing system has led to faster and more efficient hiring, providing transparency for stakeholder
Successfully procured an L Blanket approval, enabling Carta to effectively tap into its own international offices as a supplemental talent pool
  • Company:
  • Company Overview:
    Carta is a venture-backed technology company specializing in capitalization table management and valuation software.
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, J-1, TN, L-1A, L-1B, Green Card
  • Industry:
    Financial Technology
  • Location:
    San Francisco, California

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