Bridge alleviates the immigration-related administrative tasks from Armanino’s HR director



Armanino engaged with multiple immigration providers prior to partnering with Bridge. During those engagements the firm struggled to find a provider that combined both deep legal expertise and efficient, organized processes.

Working with a boutique traditional immigration firm, the HR team experienced delayed start dates and overwhelmingly cumbersome processes. However, after switching to a technology-enabled provider prior to Bridge, service levels suffered and legal advice was inconsistent.

Seeking to streamline the immigration process while still maintaining a high-touch, service-oriented immigration provider, Bridge’s approach aligned with Armanino’s immigration goals.


Transitioned all immigration-related activity to single technology, providing real-time transparency and tracking of key data and dates across Armanino’s immigration program
Delegated tasks in each immigration case with customized permissions for stakeholders across the company
Worked directly with designated stakeholders and international employees to collect documentation and provide step-by-step case updates
“Bridge has made immigration seamless for us. They provide high touch support, guiding and educating HR team members with varying levels of experience with the immigration process. They are a true partner.”
Vickie Moul
Director of HR


Start dates and process transparency creates alignment across the company
80% reduction of cross-team coordination to complete each immigration application
Time-to-file reduced by more than 60%
Enabled enterprise-wide visibility and reporting across over 45 international employees
  • Company:
  • Company Overview:
    Armanino is California's largest independent audit, tax, consulting & business management firm, providing integrated solutions for MS Dynamics & ERP
  • Total Employees:
  • Immigration Processes:
    H-1B, TN, J-1, Green Cards
  • Industry:
  • Location:

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