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A New Look Unveiled

Where Immigration Meets Innovation

For almost a decade, Bridge has been a force for good impacting the global community.

The company has grown and built a unique reputation for providing an outstanding experience to HR departments and their international employees, through the difficult, painful process of immigration.

A New Look
For Bridge

We are unveiling a refreshed logo, and overall creative look that embodies a stronger, more contemporary representation of Bridge’s culture of service and innovation, which is the bedrock of our exceptional client experience. We aimed to retain the essence of our brand and move forward with a bolder, truer expression of our unique identity.

A Deeper Look Into the Meaning

Two rounded shapes for the tech and legal worlds,
The sweet combination of both,
An arrow at the intersection pointing towards Bridge...

Look no further. The future of corporate immigration is here and now.

Approachable and Aspirational
Humble and Bold,
Innovative and Transformational,
Reliable & Professional...

These are the values behind Bridge new identity, the values our people get behind, the values we share with our customers.