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How Long Does an H-1B Visa Last & Can It Be Extended?

An H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa used by U.S. companies who wish to employ foreign workers in occupations that require college degrees or their equivalency.

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Working from Home: Is an Amendment Necessary?

Find out what questions you should be asking and when an amendment is necessary for location-specific visas like H-1B, H-1B1 and E-3's.

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Immigration Training for HR, Hiring Managers, and Leadership

Developing a holistic immigration policy and investing in your team's ability to execute this function is core to maintaining a successful and diverse talent acquisition strategy today. While many employers might view this as a somewhat siloed function, we share why taking a multi-faceted approach to policy and subsequent training are the key to realizing a greater return on your strategic immigration efforts.

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How to Read a Visa Bulletin

Discover how to read a visa bulletin and what it means for you.

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FAQs: Can I Travel During the Holidays with Covid-19?

Traveling during Covid-19 can be confusing. Use this FAQ and flowchart to answer questions specific to your scenario.

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Considerations for DOL Wage Surveys

Discover alternatives to the new interim Final Rule announced by the federal government that amended the Department of Labor's (DOL) method for calculating wage data used to determine prevailing wages for nonimmigrant and immigrant petitions.

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