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Webinar - COVID-19: Preparing Immigration for a Digital Transformation

Camille Bradbury
Legal Content Specialist

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced many employers to modify their business practices and adjust to daily U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services updates. Join us as we give a summary of recent critical government updates, what these changes mean in the short term, and how you can develop a strong immigration strategy to help prepare you for a digital future. 

On April 21st, at 10am PST/ 1pm EST join Sara Divyak, Director of Client Services at Bridge, and our partnering law firm, ImmiPartner, for a free webinar to get key USCIS and DOL updates and understand the impact of these updates on you and your international employees. 


Hendrick Pretorius, Co-Founder of ImmiPartner Immigration Law Firm

Hendrik is a California Bar Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration Law. As an immigrant himself, understanding the importance of immigration, Hendrik has dedicated his career over the past decade as a corporate immigration lawyer to working with well over 100 scaling technology company's and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals navigate the U.S. immigration system. Hendrik is often an invited speaker at national level events on topics related to immigration strategies, policies, and trends as well as on topics related to the intersection of technology and the legal service delivery models in corporate immigration.

Ting Ni, Co-Founder of ImmiPartner Immigration Law Firm

Ting began her immigration career over ten years ago, working on visa and green card cases for researchers, scientists, and academics. Before co-founding ImmiPartner, she worked with a large corporate immigration firm in San Francisco, leading the firm’s High Growth practice. There, she built a team that directly handled case processing for hundreds of companies and over one thousand foreign employees. Her clients ranged from pre-seed startups to large multinational corporations.

Sara Divyak, Director of Client Services of Bridge

Sara Divyak is Bridge’s Director of Client Services, overseeing our Client Services function. Her client-centricity and process-driven approach sets the tone for the rest of our team. Under Sara’s leadership, Bridge has achieved an industry-leading Net Promoter Score and pushed the boundaries on how immigration services should support its clients. Sara has spent the last decade pushing to level-up the client experience in the legal services industry. Prior to Bridge, Sara trained and supervised client-facing teams at Global Immigration Associates.

You'll Learn:

  • Recent policy changes including essential travel, consular processing, and premium processing suspension.
  • New working from home procedures and how to stay compliant.
  • Navigating reduction in hours, salary, furloughs, and layoffs for most common employment-based visas.
  • How U.S. immigration is evolving electronically and how developing an immigration strategy can help you stay prepared.

You'll also have a chance to ask questions directly to our attorneys and expert paralegals. Sign up now to register for this webinar to ensure you are informed and gain insider knowledge about how your immigration strategy can prepare you for a digital transformation.

Can't attend live, no problem, save your spot below and we will send you the recording.

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