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Ticketing Feature Launch Creates Improved and Integrated Legal Accessibility

Jess Callery
Product Manager

Talking in an empty room is no fun. Neither is long and unpredictable response times from legal teams. And worse when the response doesn’t adequately address your question and you need to clarify what you were asking about. 

To keep up with the modern pace of work employers need to be empowered with systems and processes that are responsive, flexible, and customizable. In redesigning immigration to keep pace with the rest of the HR function and tech stack, there was an apparent need to improve the communication channels between all stakeholders (Employer, Legal Counsel, International Employee, Accounting, Contributors, etc.) with a focus on responsiveness and accuracy. 

Overview of HR view for Ticketing feature
Overview of Ticketing System

Responsive communication channels for process visibility

For many immigration functions, many international employee questions are funneled through People manager’s emails or collected to be addressed during routine check-ins with the legal team. This creates unnecessary delays or lengthy emails that are hard to keep track of for each employee’s situation. 

By adding more visibility through thread history and also sharing functionality, People teams can stay up to date on all changes within their immigration function or quickly catch up a team member that is filling in. 

Committing to process visibility allows everyone to stay on top of their unique cases without cluttering your inbox or creating unnecessary delays through case processing. 

More self-service communication options

As international employees go through the sponsorship process, whether their first case or another round of extensions they often feel a great deal of pressure and anxiety on the outcome. While the outcome is ultimately out of our hands, to reduce some of that anxiety, we continue to invest in creating an open and transparent process. 

Preview for Employee view of Ticketing
Ticketing System - Employee view

By allowing all users to submit tickets on any matter, the legal team will be more enabled to respond with the appropriate context to submit relevant and timely responses. People teams, who’ve traditionally facilitate all legal communications, will regain time back in their week to pursue more value-generating tasks (or maybe just take a quick well-earned break). 

Improved legal accessibility for all stakeholders

Immigration functions should never feel like a one (wo)man band, at it’s core it is a highly collaborative and complex process. As modern companies continue to invest in more hybrid structures and pressure for digitalization across the organization mounts, teams that can find dynamic systems that make work more accessible will outperform those who don’t. 

To build an optimized immigration function you generally involve Finance, Hiring Managers, Talent teams, Execs, on top of legal counsel, the People team, and the international employee and dependents. Each person dealing with disparate email threads and routine monthly immigration meetings can improve productivity and accuracy by using a shared space with attorneys to coordinate all your immigration needs. 

So how does ticketing work? 

Ticketing impacts all objects that previously had commenting allowing users to dynamically ask questions about various parts of their immigration program or case progress. These ticket requests are then filtered and escalated to allow for a more timely and accurate response. 

What changes did you make to commenting?

If you were already and avid ticket user, then there is not much to the change because slight shift to navigation. The new ticketing option still lives in the same drop-down as before, so just write in your question, hit save, and off to the legal team it goes. 

But wait what happened to the old comments, check out the comments history tab for notes from old cases or anything you were saving for a rainy day

If you’re new to Bridge or tickets in general, consider trying it out instead of waiting for your next call with us or writing an email linking back to a specific case. Simply click on the employee or evidence you were curious about and write us a note


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