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Smarter Immigration for the Modern Workforce

Romish Badani

The immigration landscape is evolving. As the CEO of Bridge and the son of immigrants myself, I’ve witnessed many changes over the past few years: dramatic directional shifts in government policies and preferences, and in how companies go about finding and engaging international employees. Taken together, these trends represent a clear departure from the traditional status quo.

The first development involves the groundswell of technology that has reached into just about every corner of HR. These days, most companies use some kind of human capital management system to automate and run a range of functions from core administration and talent management to recruiting, succession, and compensation. It’s hard to imagine even modest-sized businesses relying on email and spreadsheets to manage any of these HR realms. Yet that’s how many companies still handle their immigration portfolios. With every uptick in application volume and process complexity, these outmoded methods become more inefficient, cumbersome, and risky in terms of potential mismanagement and compliance exposure. The net is that a robust tech-enabled immigration platform has become an absolute must-have.

Second, we’re seeing an increasing focus on improving all dimensions of the immigration experience for employees. The modern global talent marketplace is fiercely competitive, with an array of companies jockeying against each other to identify, attract, and onboard the best people. The full immigration process takes years to complete, and presents enough twists, turns, and unknowns to wear down even the most determined applicants and weaken their commitment to staying the course. Consistent and proactive support can alter this emotional equation, transforming anxiety and frustration into confidence, motivation, and loyalty. Employers are belatedly waking up to the substantial payoffs of nurturing their employees throughout the journey.

The third trend relates to HR’s pivot away from its traditional administrative support function in favor of shouldering a strategic role in company decision-making. As in other aspects of its domain, HR must up-level its immigration efforts and aspirations beyond paper- and process-pushing to a stance of proactive leadership. Company management is looking for ambitious international talent initiatives aligned with overall business strategy, and HR needs to step up to the plate.

As with all challenges, the flip side is opportunity — in this case, nothing less than the potential to remake immigration into an efficient, productive, and positive experience for companies and international employees alike. 

Bridge is uniquely equipped and oriented to help clients achieve this transformative goal. In a world where talent is everywhere but opportunities are not, our mission is to “bridge” the gap and bring the most capable people to where they are needed most — without the friction and frustration typically encountered.  

Starting out with a team of best-in-class immigration experts, we arm them with purpose-built technology and instill an all-in philosophy in which client service always come first. The results are highly efficient immigration processes, happier and more motivated employees, and a competitive edge for our clients in attracting and securing top-tier international talent. Small wonder, then, that we’re one of the fastest-growing immigration services providers, working hard for more than 450 companies across all major industries and regions, along with their employees from over 170 countries. 

I’m often asked about the qualities that most separate Bridge from our conventionally-minded competitors. The answer, as expressed by our clients, is our unwavering focus on their needs. “Client-centric” has lately become the business buzz phrase du jour, but here at Bridge it has always been a core company value. It is deeply embedded in our DNA as a passion we live and breathe every day. It extends outward to the international employees we serve at every stage of their journey, and to their family members as well. 

Perhaps the best measure of our uncompromising commitment is the Net Promoter Score, a universally recognized yardstick of customer satisfaction. Bridge tips the NPS scale at 82, almost five times higher than the immigration industry average of 17. 

I’d like to personally invite you to discover the difference Bridge can make for you and your aspiring employees.

Please contact me to discuss your immigration needs and goals.


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