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Reminders for International Employees Traveling or Changing Their Address

Sara Divyak
Director of Client Services

AR-11: Keeping Your Address Up to Date 

Whether it’s a move across the country for a new job, or just a move to a new home across town, the end of the year is a prime time for relocating. As if coordinating signing a new lease or closing on a new home isn’t enough work, immigrants in the U.S. have additional obligations in notifying the federal government of a change of address. Below, please find two steps you should always take whenever you move.

Whenever you move, you should be filing Form AR-11 online with USCIS within 10 days. This will ensure that you receive any notices or documents without delay. Failure to report a change of address may result in a fine, as well as jeopardize your ability to obtain a future visa or other immigration benefits. Please reach out to your immigration team if you have any questions while completing this form.

  • Step 2: Alert your Immigration Team

Some visa types, like the H-1B or E-3, are location specific and may need an amendment based on a change in worksite. Always alert your immigration team of a change in worksite or home address, but the general rule of thumb is that amendments are not required if a move is within normal commuting distance (less than 50 miles). Read more about working from home.

I-94: How Travel Can Impact Your Status

Did you know that international travel can change your status and expiration dates through your I-94 record? While travel might be different this year, it’s important to ensure that your previous travel records are up-to-date with your immigration provider.

Learn more about how to add an international travel record on Bridge, FAQs about the I-94 admission/departure record, and how the I-94 is different from a visa stamp.


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