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Presenting the Job Bank - A New Bridge Feature

Jess Callery
Product Manager

Presenting the Job Bank Feature

Accommodating for Flexible work and Fixed Salaries

Job Locations can now support Annual Salary Range, Hourly Salary Range, and a Fixed Salary input. Additionally the Position Intake has been updated to accommodate flexible work locations (e.g. Headquarters, Company Office, Client Site, Remote) with additional compliance checks

(Updated 3/21/22)

HR and Talent teams rejoice! Just in time for the holidays season (and with cap around the corner) we want to share the gift of time with you. Giving you more time back that is. 

The purpose of the Job Bank project was to help teams craft and maintain job descriptions that allow companies to hire quickly and scalable while also maintaining immigration compliance. This release allows for unprecedented visibility into immigration operations for the hiring manager, HR, and legal team while also aiming to further reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Creating more standard job descriptions with your immigration team will improve compliance, add visibility for the international candidate and finance team, and increase the productivity of the talent team.

So what should you expect?

Individual Job Bank Record

Talent Managers and Hiring Managers will be able to fill out Individual Job Bank Records during the initial review to clarify additional details about the role (e.g. salary, number of direct reports, roles, and responsibilities). This record can be saved for future use and is reviewed by the attorney to strengthen compliance.

Primary Job Bank View

People Team members can reference the Primary Job Bank Record to find key details about a specific role or scroll through the Job Bank List to see a roll-up of what applications have used each job and all the jobs that have been created by the company. Since no one likes repeating themselves these Records can be referenced when filing your next sponsored role as well.

New Job Preview

By collaborating to build stronger recruitment and transfer processes, companies will be able to share Job Bank Records enabling for a more compliant immigration function with less administrative burden.

Successful companies will be able to streamline onboarding, quickly toggle between applicable jobs, report on roles that commonly need sponsorship, and begin to batch certain visas for additional savings.


Our team has been busy this last quarter - check out the Evidence project or the new Ticketing functionality if you haven't already seen them in your portal. 

-Bridge Team


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