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Payment Plans With Your Immigration Lawyer

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So you found the immigration lawyer that's right for you they are experienced, caring, and have won many cases similar to yours. Now it's time to talk about payment, as hiring an immigration lawyer can get quite pricey. This post is meant to show you some common fee arrangements while giving you a glimpse of what your payment plan could look like.

Common Fee Arrangements

Hourly Fee

Lawyers whom use this method base their fees depending on the city, case, and experience. Some may charge $150 per hour and be able to give you a guesstimate of how many hours it will take. But be aware, some issues may come up that complicate the case and take more hours to resolve. Keep in mind that some immigration lawyers will lower their fees based on your financial situation, so be open with them.

Flat Fee

When this fee is used, it does not matter how much time the lawyer spends, there will be one set fee. Immigration lawyers often use this method when they can predict how much time they'll be spending on your case. Make sure that this fee won't change and that you and your lawyer agree before you begin working together.

Payment Plans

The typical upfront payment is 50% of the total legal fees, but most immigration lawyers consider the client's needs as a priority and are very willing to discuss a payment plan. The key here is to be honest and upfront during your first discussion and mention that you would like to pay via a payment plan. Most plans are weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payments.

Once you establish a payment method with your lawyer you're all set to go. Remember to be honest with your lawyer throughout the process, bring all necessary documents, and don't leave things out when your lawyer asks you questions. Good luck!

Content in this publication is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied on as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult a Bridge-affiliated partner attorney or another qualified legal professional.


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