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Our New Matters Dashboard

Forrest Blount

Quick Case Reviews

Our first priority was to make it even easier for lawyers to review cases on our platform. To that end we added three great features.

Matters now include labels that indicate whether a matter is New or needs a Followup. If a matter is neither, no label will be added.

Action Badges

We've added action badges that change based on your relationship to the case. If you're reviewing it for the first time, you'll see action badges to Ask a Question, Provide a Quote, and Dismiss the case. Clicking on the badge (instead of clicking on the case title bar) will expand the case and the appropriate action form in one click. As you interact with clients further the actions will change, allowing you to email, call and schedule clients directly from the case title bar.

Easy to Read Questions & Answers

You asked for clearer question and answer input from applicants and we heard you! With this update we've restructured how we store answers from our users so we can show you the exact phrasing of the questions and answers each applicant has selected. This makes it easier than ever to understand an applicant and their case details.

Simple & Intelligent Forms

Our second goal in this update was to expand the types of actions you can take on a case. In addition to asking followup questions or submitting quotes, we now have forms that allow you to track emails, calls and appointments with your clients from LexSpot.

Simple Filters

Lastly, we wanted you to be able to find relevant cases in one click. Our filters provide quick access to any matter you've previously viewed, questioned, offered quotes, called, emailed, scheduled or retained.

We look forward to continuing to hear your ideas to improve our dashboard!

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