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Optimizing Your Candidate Assessment and Immigration Processes

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By incorporating best practices and boosting recruiter knowledge, you can build a best-in-class immigration program.

Your predictable immigration program includes a well-defined and consistent candidate assessment process. With guidelines in place to help recruiters gather candidate immigration information, you now have a repeatable process to help mitigate the risk of surprise immigration issues late in the recruiting process.

To build on your success, it is now critical to further support recruiters in the process of determining candidate immigration eligibility. Providing training and resources to guide the talent acquisition team will help to ensure you address any gaps in your program and deliver a consistently positive candidate experience across your entire organization.

Enhancing the Success of Your Candidate Assessment Process

Operating a predictable talent acquisition program has allowed you to identify, assess, and select talent with greater efficiency than ever before. Furthermore, despite a competitive labor market where highly skilled talent is often in short supply, you have been able to match highly-qualified international candidates with open opportunities.

Where some of your competitors may be struggling with chaotic immigration and recruiting activities, you have created a program that has delivered a range of benefits. They include the following:

  • Candidates in every part of your business have fruitful and informative conversations with recruiters about immigration eligibility and what they can expect if hired.
  • Recruiters understand and use your structured process for gathering candidate immigration details early in the hiring process, reducing the likelihood of surprise hiring delays.
  • Hiring managers trust recruitment and people teams to navigate immigration challenges related to candidates considered for hire.
  • You have reliable immigration and HR systems for tracking candidate immigration data and visa applications.

Create a Sustainable Immigration Program That Stands the Test of Time

Building a strategic immigration strategy doesn’t happen overnight, but you have managed to learn from past mistakes and continue building on your strengths. it has become a competitive advantage in helping you hire in-demand talent successfully.

Now that your candidate assessment process has helped you develop more predictable hiring outcomes, you can seize upon opportunities to create even more long-term value for your organization.

To continue enjoying the benefits of your immigration activities well into the future, consider the following actions:

  • Offer regular immigration training for recruiters to help them understand the organization’s immigration policies and how to engage candidates in immigration discussions.
  • Routinely review your immigration program for opportunities to incorporate the latest best practices.
  • Re-evaluate your immigration service provider to ensure you benefit from new technology enhancements, expert immigration program guidance, and support for candidates after hire.

Maintain an Optimized Immigration Program

You should be proud of the success of your immigration program, and with a few enhancements, you can continue to build on that success over time. 

With the support of a knowledgeable immigration partner and a solid plan for keeping recruiting teams fully informed about your immigration program, you can continue to successfully assess candidates and establish realistic hiring timelines. 

As you continue to make improvements over time, your talent acquisition program will be well-positioned to deliver continued value to your organization for years to come.

Content in this publication is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied on as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult a Bridge-affiliated partner attorney or another qualified legal professional.


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