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New Summer 2020 Features!

Forrest Blount

We've added some new elements to the Bridge platform to make your immigration planning more transparent and easier for you to use.

Details about our newest release:

We've added a new International Employee Overview Card to the top of the employee's dashboard so you can view a quick summary of their biographical information including things like where they are from, their email, place of employment, what applications they have, the status of those applications, and more.

New Employee Overview Card

The Bridge platform lays out international employee events such as work experience, travel events, historical applications, and other data. We recently changed the view of these events so that you can collapse historical, projected, and active events so that you only see what you need to see, when you need to see it.  

Collapsing Historical Events

The new interface allows you to filter through and show these events on their own too. Say you need to know when your international employee started working at their last company, you can now toggle to the Employment view and see their employment history quickly and efficiently.

Additional Navigation for International Employee Events

We've also added roles to tasks and changed the default avatar so that you can quickly see what tasks are assigned to you,

New Role Assignment View

And perhaps the biggest change is that administrator and employee users will now easily be able to view and contact their primary contact outside of open applications which now appears at the bottom of the sidebar.

New Contact Option

If you have any questions about these new updates to the Bridge platform and you are a client, please use the new Contact feature to get in touch. If you are not a Bridge client and would like more information about our product reach out to talk to an expert or set up a demo at your convenience.


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