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Maintaining a Predictable Immigration Benefits Program

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Build on your success and create an optimized immigration process with clear and well-communicated benefits.

You have developed a mature immigration program with a well-documented immigration policy. Your emerging immigration program has evolved into one that helps you attract and retain international talent for positions that might have otherwise gone unfilled.

Now, you may be looking for more ways to bolster your existing practices and deliver more comprehensive benefits to your international employees and their families. 

You want employees to be both informed and at peace about upcoming immigration milestones. Therefore, in addition to giving employees clear guidance on immigration benefits, you envision providing each employee with a personalized and long-term immigration plan to support them on their immigration journey. 

With the right tools and resources, you can accomplish that goal and build a sustainable and world-class immigration program.

The Benefits of an Optimized Immigration Program

When your immigration benefits support employee concerns and needs throughout the multi-year immigration process, immigration processes are likely to run smoother and yield more predictable outcomes. After all, when employees understand the actions they need to take at various points in the immigration process, you can meet due dates more consistently.

Now that you have built a program that clearly communicates immigration benefits, including opportunities for future immigration sponsorship, you have likely realized the following benefits:

  • International employees view your immigration program as clear, equitable, and capable of addressing their short and long-term immigration needs.
  • You no longer lose international candidates due to confusion or lack of confidence in your ability to support them through the immigration process.
  • Because you have codified your immigration policies and procedures, employees aren’t in the dark about key milestones, and you can meet important deadlines.
  • Immigration resources are easily accessible. International employees can focus on their work without the distraction of chasing down an HR contact for answers to their immigration questions.

Build More Clarity and Confidence Into Your Immigration Program

It may have taken years to get to where you are, but you have reached a point where your immigration program has become a true competitive advantage in attracting and retaining international employees.

To continue receiving the long-term benefits of your immigration activities, take the following additional actions:

  • Use the right technology: Leverage immigration-specific technology to empower employees and support better data-driven decision-making about improvements to your immigration program.
  • Ask international employees for feedback: Survey international employees about their immigration experience, and use insights from their responses to tailor your program to meet their evolving needs
  • Ask People teams for feedback: Gather input from People teams about unmet needs or new questions they see emerging from international candidates and employees.
  • Incorporate immigration into your employer branding: To stand out as an attractive choice for international talent, add immigration experiences to your employer branding efforts and career pages.
  • Evaluate your existing immigration partners: Consider new opportunities to improve your program through service providers who offer more responsive technology, faster turnaround times, and more personalized employee support.

Bolster Your Immigration Program With Continuous Improvement

Though you successfully operate an effective immigration program, there will always be opportunities to improve the employee experience through more targeted benefits and improved communication. 

As with any other talent management program in your organization, a commitment to continuous improvement will allow you to maintain an immigration program that is both competitive and aligned to employee needs. As you audit your immigration benefits and processes periodically, you will be well-positioned to make the necessary improvements along the way and avoid slipping back to a chaotic benefits program.

Content in this publication is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied on as such. For additional information on the issues discussed, consult a Bridge-affiliated partner attorney or another qualified legal professional.


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