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Jackson Family Dispute: Estate Planning & Guardianship

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The Domestic Disturbance:

Drama never seems to leave this family. In his will, Michael Jackson allegedly left his estate only to his mother, Katherine Jackson, and his children, Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, and Prince "Blanket" Jackson. Rumor has it that the super star's siblings are scheming to interfere with their late brothers' plans....

This CNN video captures Janet who has had independent success over the years and Jermaine fighting with the kids; Janet clearly is attempting to stop Paris from using her phone, which the teenager has been using to tweet to the world about this frustratingly sad situation. USA Today reports that Katherine vanished over a week ago to visit family in Arizona. As the children's sole legal guardian and grandmother, this seems like unusual behavior.

Despite the fact the pop legend had a great deal of debt, the probate judge who handled his estate plan just received a summary of the finances his estate has acquired since death. It revealed that the gross earnings were nearing $500 million. This information gives reason to suspect that his siblings, who were not given any of the stake, are up to something. Are they finically abusing their own mother? Further yet, are they attempting to steal money that was meant to be for their nephews and niece while also victimizing them in this bitter battle? It is still unclear; the Wall Street Journal revealed that Tito "TJ" Jackson Jr. was given temporary custody of the children due to their grandmother's absence. Mrs. Jackson stated that her children did not hold her against her will, but both Paris and Prince's social media posts strongly contradict that statement. Only time will tell with this Jackson family saga....

What does that mean to the Average Joe?

But what lesson should the non-celebrity reader take away from this mess? It's simple: take the time to make a will and an estate plan and do it now. Even if your estate is not worth millions of dollars, it is still important to have a say in what happens if anything happens. To find the right estate planning lawyer for you, utilize LexSpot. Who knows what your brother or, better yet, your in-laws might try to pull!

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