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Immigration Law Violation Bankrupts Boston Pizzeria

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Underpay @ Upper Crust

The story is getting old: a profit-hungry entrepreneur gets rich by exploiting illegal immigrants who work long, hard hours for bare-bones pay. They don't complain for fear of being found out, until somebody breaks the silence.

However, young tycoon Jordan Tobins has gone lower than low with Upper Crust. Over the past decade, he has transformed his local pizza shop to an acclaimed, Greater-Boston franchise. But after being ordered to pay $350,000 in overtime to over 100 employees for unfair labor practices, Tobins dug deeper, trying to claw-back the money through schemes like forging checks and slashing wages. This contrasted in an ugly way with his own excessive personal spending, including buying a yacht worth ~$700,000.

As seen in the Boston Globe video above, workers have mixed feelings about the accusations on Tobins. We all knowhow he got away with this just as the footage shows, most immigrants are content with the opportunity to work in America and would not dare compromise that opportunity. But workers, even undocumented, still have the right to legal protections and ought to take advantage of that option when matters get out of hand.

Legal situations like this happen over and over again and should not be ignored. We work with some of the best immigration lawyers in Boston - get in touch with them if you have a question about visas or labor practices!


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