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Immigration Eligibility Reports

Forrest Blount

When we thought about what tools were sorely lacking in the immigration services landscape, the idea for a tool that would answer the question "What are my immigration options?" came up. There are descriptions of the various applications on many websites, some even have checklists that can be printed and completed to determine what options an applicant is eligible for. But nowhere did we see the application we were envisioning, a simple questionnaire that would provide applicants with clear, no nonsense information about the immigration options they could explore further.

As we've worked with our network of legal advisors we've honed our initial question set down to 10 total questions. Some users may be asked more and a few may be asked less (if you're a U.S. citizen or lawful Permanent Resident, we don't need to ask all 10) but everyone will be able to complete the survey in less than 5 minutes. We think that simplicity and ease of understanding are requirements, not features. By asking only one question at a time and keeping that questions as simple as possible (we ask more nuanced questions if it seems more likely an applicant could be eligible for a specific application) we also enable applicants to complete the survey quickly.

Today we're unveiling a new report layout (view a sample pdf). This layout makes it easier than even before to understand what the pros and cons of any immigration options are. Of course, we still believe the best course for all applicants is to work with a lawyer or not-for-profit, so we make it easy to request service quotes whether you have one or more applications you're considering.

We're still working to improve our eligibility survey and report, so take it for a spin today. Soon we'll be adding business, student, and visitor visa eligibility questions, making this tool even more powerful. We'd love to hear from you, whether you're a lawyer interested in offering quotes, a not-for-profit looking for ways to incorporate this report in your intake process, or just have an idea for how we can make this service better!


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