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Finding a family lawyer in Boston

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‍Your family is important to you--your lawyer should be too.

Looking for a family lawyer? As we've discussed before, there are a lot of attorneys in Boston, so it can seem difficult to distinguish who might be a good choice for your needs. First of all, the term "family law" encompasses quite a few areas. What is it exactly? Well, just about anything that deals with children, marriages, other legal partnerships, and assorted other personal legal issues. This means that at a certain level, prenuptial agreements, child abuse, divorce, adultery, and incest all fall under the same umbrella. That's a lot to expect out of one lawyer though, and therefore, many attorneys will stick to one area in particular, such as divorce/child support, domestic violence, civil unions, etc.

It's a huge scope. If we venture into LexSpot's attorney database, we can see that searching for family lawyers yields similar (and in some cases, exactly the same) results as a search for "divorce lawyers" or "child support." This is because many of the specifics listed above are grouped together as "family law" by lawyer databases. So while each person on that list might be qualified to practice "family law" in the general, you're going to want to look at the specifics. Here are a few things to think about:

1. Look into your potential attorney's history and experience before hiring. We can't harp on this enough. Say you're getting a divorce--find someone who has handled many in the past.

2. Many issues that fall under the "family law" umbrella can become messy. Divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements etc. can lead to hurt feelings and unhappiness on both sides of the case, so it's important to find a lawyer who can settle you case peacefully and with aplomb. When dealing with sticky situations that qualify as family law cases, your lawyer needs to be able to play the role of mediator as well as advocate.

3. Does your case involve children? Your schedule is busy; will your kids have to accompany you to the law office every once in a while? If so, be aware that some offices are more kid friendly than others. If the waiting room contains puzzles and toys, chances are they deal with children quite a bit. It might not seem important to you now, but it'll make a difference to your kid.

Family law is perhaps the largest sector for practicing attorneys, meaning that there are a lot of family lawyers out there, and that they deal with a lot of cases. The downside to this is that the number of family lawyers out there can seem overwhelming (although like we've said in the past, the best way to wade through the pile of potential attorneys out there is to conduct your own consultations and see what feels best--it's a little like shopping for clothing; if the first selection doesn't fit perfectly, keep looking, because there are lots more). However, on the upside, it also means that these family law cases are very common. This means that you case will be straightforward for your attorney, and as a result, as painless as possible for you.

So if you missed the link above, start your journey to finding a family lawyer in Boston here.

Ready, set, go.

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