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Elevate Your Immigration Process with a Strategic Approach

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You've unlocked the power of better decision making by having reliable insights at your disposal, good work cleaning up your immigration data and incorporating robust reporting capabilities. You’re well-positioned to take your immigration process to the next level by moving from a transactional state to a strategic one and contribute to organizational success as a participating member of the leadership team.

Time is the one thing that HR professionals wish they had more of

The Harvard Business Review confirms what HR professionals already know – they aren’t spending their time performing high-value work. The study reports that 41% of HR’s time is spent on discretionary tasks. A report by XpertHR found that 20% of People team’s time is spent on administrative work. It’s even more concerning to learn from the same report that a dismal 5% of HR work is focused on analytics.

We know that analytics have become increasingly critical for People to evaluate and understand the efficacy of People programs and initiatives. But it’s also key to making strategic recommendations to senior leadership that will support the organization’s business strategies.

But if People team’s can’t really quantify how they spend their time, it’s fair to say that there are probably opportunities for improvement.

Where does that time go?

It doesn’t go to employees. We know that employee engagement, productivity, and well-being suffer when HR can’t spend quality time developing value-added employee programs.

HR needs the resources to reclaim that lost time and redirect it to time spent working with employees and developing strategies that will actually help them.

Fortunately, the solution is much simpler than the problem.

Automating routine and repetitive administrative tasks is no longer a luxury – it’s a business imperative necessary not just to be competitive but to be the leader in your field.

Forward-thinking HR teams know that HR software reduces time spent on non-value added administrative tasks and frees up HR for strategic initiatives that benefit employee programs.

What automation means for immigration reporting

When immigration reporting is accessible, People teams get back the time previously spent on those time consuming and low value administrative tasks. Automation means actually having discussions with employees and business leaders to talk about critical People topics:

  • Mobility & relocation
  • Succession planning
  • Budget forecasting
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee well-being
  • Benefit plans customized for international employees

The value of these topics can’t be overestimated. International employees, already facing many of the issues the majority of your employees deal with like performance targets, have the added stress of dealing with inclusion and potentially imminent max-out dates.

People topics that might arise due to the extra time from automated processes include:

  • How is the international employee population responding to our new candidate experience?
  • If we plan to open a new location, what percent of the local talent pool might require sponsorship?
  • What is the turnover risk in the international employee population after implementing the immigration policy?
  • How can we reconcile short-term sponsorship costs against long term employee ROI?
  • What sorts of immigration compliance issues are we covered from, where might we still have some exposure?

The leadership table

The term “a seat at the table” is drummed into the heads of HR professionals throughout their careers. For People teams, it means the ability to connect immigration and talent data with broader business strategies.

A Deloitte report about HR transformation describes the impact HR has at the “table”.

“This forward-looking vision for HR transformation doesn’t end with making HR strategic and getting a seat at the strategy table. It presumes HR has a seat at the table and focuses on what HR will do with it.”

By unlocking a more holistic People analytics & insights, Talent leaders can arm business leaders to make informed decisions that are not only good for the organization, but also the community and for its people. 


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