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Characteristics of great lawyers: what to pay attention to at your consultation

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‍Devotion, motivation, and passion. Mr. Tiddles has it. Does your lawyer?

So you've started looking for a lawyer, and promptly realized that there are a lot out there. You've set up a few consultations and you're ready to start going through the selection process, but do you actually know what are you're looking for? There's a lot to think about when it comes to choosing a lawyer, but there are a few characteristics that are pretty important in any lawyer. Here are some of the big things you're going to want to take mental notes on during your consultations:

Experience: In the legal field, years of experience are invaluable. You should be looking for someone who has worked with (and preferably won) your sort of case before. The more experience, the better.

The Comfort Factor: Your lawyer is going to be a very important part of your life throughout your case, so it's important that you choose someone who is approachable, respectful, and willing to listen to your concerns. Like we mentioned before, the relationship between you and your lawyer should be casual, yet professional, but never intimidating.

Organization: This is key, and it can make the difference between a fluid and successful trial and a hectic, nerve-wracking one. In the courtroom, your lawyer is going to need to be on top of his/her game at all times, so you're going to want someone who can keep all notes, thoughts, rebuttals, and statements in order. Put it this way, if his/her office looks like your great-grandmother's attic or garage, you might want to keep looking.

The Lawyer Look: When in court, first appearances mean a lot. This goes along with the organization bit; basically, your lawyer needs to look the part. He/she should exude professionalism and confidence, but not arrogance. Always dress for success.

Dedication: While an attorney works on your case, you should feel like a priority; your lawyer is a part of your life and as the customer, you should never feel like you're just another case in the system. And even if your case is fairly typical, your attorney should still give it all of his/her time and energy.

Knowledge: Are you looking at the right type of lawyer? No matter how typical or out of the ordinary your case may be, it's imperative that your attorney be knowledgeable in that particular affair. Remember, there are lots of different niches within the legal profession, so don't settle for someone who doesn't deal with exactly what you need.

Whether or not you have an actual checklist of characteristics you want in your lawyer, keep the above list in mind in order to find someone who is pleasant, helpful, and compassionate. There are a lot of lawyers out there, so if the first or second one doesn't seem to mesh, keep looking! Still overwhelmed? That's where LexSpot comes in. We're a handy database of local attorneys, complete with customer reviews and an actual human element.

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