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Bridge Has Joined Forces With Boundless Immigration

Simplifying the immigration process for both businesses and families.

At Bridge, our mission is to make global immigration a frictionless experience. That's why we're excited to announce that Bridge is now part of Boundless Immigration.

By joining forces with Boundless, we can offer a more comprehensive suite of immigration solutions that address the needs of not only businesses but individuals and their families as well. 

Our integrated approach simplifies the immigration journey and enables individuals to create visa plans that encompass both their family and work goals. This consolidation will establish the industry’s first technology-enabled, one-stop-shop for immigration services.

What is Boundless?

Boundless is the country’s leading family-based immigration company, known for seamlessly integrating technology and legal expertise to empower families to navigate the immigration system with greater confidence, speed, and affordability. Boundless has served nearly 100,000 customers with a 99.97% success rate.

What this partnership means for you

If you are a business, you can now access the best of both worlds: Bridge's expertise in helping companies hire and retain international talent, and Boundless's expertise in helping your international employees and their families navigate the immigration process.

If you are an individual or family, you can now get the help you need to achieve your immigration goals, from finding a job to sponsoring your loved ones.

We are committed to making immigration more accessible and affordable

We know that immigration is complex and navigating the nuances can be a stressful experience. That’s why we are committed to further simplifying the immigration process and making it more accessible and affordable for businesses and families alike. By integrating with Boundless, we are taking the next step in building a comprehensive immigration ecosystem that better serves both businesses and individuals and intersects work and life.

Discover how Boundless and Bridge can revolutionize your immigration journey.


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