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Announcing New Forecasting Tools

Forrest Blount

The Bridge product team is proud to announce the release of Strategy: a group of three interfaces including Guidelines, Cost Analysis and Budgeting.

What does the new Strategy feature do?

These forecasting tools enable you to take the next step in your strategic immigration plan by allowing you to visualize the levers that drive immigration spending, and accurately forecast your company’s future applications.

Budgeting on the Bridge Platform

What does the new Cost Analysis feature do?

In the world of immigration, the cost of each case can vary so this tool is intended to help you play with the variables that could impact your overall budget for applications. With this new tool, we allow you to toggle estimated costs to get a better sense of what you are going to spend in the future for each application.

Cost Analysis Tool

The costs include a base estimate for standard filing and preparation fees and then adds four variables that, if included, can increase the costs. These variables include Premium Processing, Dependent Coverage & Dependent Rate, RFE Rate (Request for Evidence), and Additional Costs.

How are the Budgeting and Cost Analysis tools configured?

Based on your guideline preferences, these variables are set. For example, if you choose to cover dependents in your Guidelines Manager, there would be an extra cost added to your overall budget divided by the dependent's rate that you set in the Cost Analysis tool.

Dependent Coverage policy set in the Guidelines Manager

Rates set in the Cost Analysis Tool

What if I have questions or need help deciding on my guidelines?

Please reach out to your Client Services representative for assistance, and they will be happy to schedule time for you to go over your guidelines with your attorney.

Once I have established my guidelines, how does the Bridge Platform help optimize my immigration program?

Once your guidelines are activated, the Bridge platform can automatically create pending applications for your employees based on your selections.

With this feature, you are able to be proactive with filing cases, and confirm that you wish to proceed with each pending application as the open date nears.

We're very excited to launch these new features. It is part of a long term plan to integrate more strategic planning tools and features in 2020 to help you plan and forecast application spending.

We hope you'll find the forecasting tools helpful and look forward to your feedback. For any questions or feedback, please contact us.


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