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Announcing Evidence + Records Feature Release

Jess Callery
Product Manager

It’s no secret that HR Professionals are some of the busiest folks in (and out) of the office. And whether you’re working from an office, from home, or generally just on the go we think your work should be able to match your busy lifestyles. 

We’re excited to announce our new and improved workflows, starting with the H-1B, that aims to make data like immigration records and evidence more accessible, dynamic, and smarter. 

Currently, most People Ops teams have to choose between the stress of coordinating chaotic schedules with attorneys to hop on calls for document verification and status updates or using a clunky case management software with rigid templates and hierarchies leading to unnecessary process delays and sometimes a loss of data. 

But the modern pace of work is changing, employees want unprecedented accessibility and flexibility, allowing people to move the needle on projects whenever and wherever they might be. 

New Evidence tab on Employee profile

Accessibility for better Employee Experience

By focusing on legal accessibility, we’ve made improvements to tasks and records in the product to give your employees and team the ability to ask specific questions that can trace back to individual case matters, providing the legal team with the appropriate context to enable a quicker, more informed response for all your immigration questions. 

Building on accessibility, we’ve also reprogrammed the feedback loop from your team to the legal team improving collaboration and communication of any roadblocks in existing records or active applications. 

Improved document collections

Dynamic Visibility for a better Employer Experience

We’ve also rolled out more functionality for your international employees, in the form of the Evidence tab to allow for better self-service of updating documents outside of an active application. This gives end-users unprecedented transparency to access all their employee data, at any time, helping mitigate those common status/document request emails from employees in your daily inbox. 

We recognize that immigration might not always be the most urgent and important matter on your list, so we focused on making workflows even more dynamic. With new functionality to save drafts, ask questions, search existing documents or create custom document requests, we hope to integrate immigration more seamlessly into your day-to-day workflows. 

new saved Draft feature

Smarter for better Operational Efficiency

We believe in making immigration smarter for the modern workplace. Rethinking data management led us to another product improvement which adds dynamic logic to reference why a document request has been triggered, so whether it’s your first case or 20th, you’ll never feel out of the loop. 

Introducing dynamic logic

Keeping everyone informed and working together, often on simultaneous tasks, is just a few of the ways we’re working to streamline case processing times, and allowing companies to use immigration strategically to support their broader people operations and talent goals. 

Questions? Contact us at immigration@bridge.legal


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