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Announcing 2021 Summer Product Updates: Dashboard and Employee Profile

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In our never-ending quest to make your lives easier, we are excited to announce updates to both the Dashboard and Employee Profile page. With these updates you and your team can access current reports on your entire immigration population in Bridge and dive into future planning for employees easier than before. These updates are the latest feature upgrades in our commitment to helping you plan and manage your immigration function beyond just the case.

Dashboard Updates

Your dashboard is your command center for all things immigration, so it should be easy to see open tasks, pull reports on-demand, and access detailed information on next steps. (more info)

  • Updated task queue so you can quickly scan your to-do list
  • New prebuilt reports so you don't have to rely on filters
  • Expanded information on employee status cards to enable future talent planning
Updated Dashboard

Employee Profile Update

When you want to check-in one one employee, finding current projections and documents shouldn't have to be a chore. With this new design you'll find it easier to navigate to the information you need to see whenever you need to see it. (more info)

  • Discover when your employee's status expires and what is deriving from
  • Locate your employee's resume on their new Personal History profile
  • Access Future Planning to facilitate talent management decisions
  • View Activity Summary to see what changes have been made to the application
Employee Profile Page

Want to see these changes in action and aren't using Bridge to manage your immigration program yet?

Take a sneak peek at the video and subscribe to explore all the other ways we're making immigration smarter for modern companies.


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