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9 Tips for Acing the Visa Interview

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The visa interview is among the last steps to entering the United States. Even though there is no formula that will guarantee your approval, check out these tips that can help improve your chances.

1) Complete all the paperwork: It might seem obvious, but be sure to fill out every form as accurately as possible. For example, if you are asked if you have any blood relatives in the U.S, state truthfully via the correct document (DS-156).

2) Prepare answers for the interview questions: Sample questions depending on your visa type are available on the web. Simply writing out your response will help it come to you easier when asked and give you confidence when going into the interview.

3) Obtain documents in advance: Whether from a family member, employer, or university, it is essential to have these documents at the time of your interview. Since many of these documents (I-34, employer invitation, admission letters, etc.) can take a while to process it is best to request them well ahead of your interview.

4) Have financial information available: Once common question during the interview process is how you will pay for expenses during your time in the U.S. Be prepared for this question and keep bank statements ready to show your interviewer.

5) Stay Organized: Make sure to have all your bank account statements, marriage certificates, property papers and similar documents that would help prove the ties to your country and that you have no desire to stay in the U.S with the visa you are trying to obtain. Use or create a checklist to stay organized and organize you paperwork in the required sort order.

6) Be yourself and stay calm: Many people make the mistake of smiling excessively and making small talk. Instead, answer questions directly and precisely. It is okay to dress sharp, but overdoing it is not recommended.

7) Review the rules: Visa rules change every year. Become familiar with the changes in law or travel conditions to the U.S before your interview.

8) Have the proper photographs: The photograph requirements are very strict for a U.S Visa. Be sure to follow all of the specifications on the websites and don't be afraid to pay a little more for an authorized photographer to prepare your VISA photos.

9) Be honest: Lying about anything whether on paper or during your interview can not only delay your application, but result in a denial. Answer questions concisely and truthfully.

Preparing for the interview in these ways will give you confidence and an edge when the big day comes around. Don‰Ûªt forget to stay calm, be concise, and be honest. Good luck!


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