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3 Ways Bridge Simplifies Your Business Immigration Processes

Forrest Blount

Increased Transparency

Hopefully you are already working with a great immigration law firm. Your lawyer (well, maybe a paralegal) answers the phone when you call, emails are responded to same-day, and all of your visas are processed in a timely manner. But how well do you understand what happens between collecting basic intake sheets and reviewing your final application? And when you or your soon-to-be employee have questions during the process, do you add up weeding through long email threads with interlined replies? You know there's a better way. What if you could see exactly where you were in the immigration process, as soon as you logged in? What if you could communicate about your undergraduate transcript from one location where everyone could actually see the document in question? It isn't rocket science, it's just a matter of taking the same no-nonsense approaches that have succeeded in industry after industry and tailoring them to the immigration process.

Increased Efficiency

When you take a decentralized, time intensive process and move it all online, the efficiencies are realized near instantaneously. Autocompletion based on previous answers, access to all of your documents at a moments notice, and tools that make document review a breeze all mean one thing: you spend less time and get higher quality outcomes. 

Improved Outcomes

At the end of the day, only two things matter: whether your soon-to-be employee gets approved and the overall experience as you navigate the process. This is one of the first experiences your soon-to-be employee will have with your company, and with what you've spent recruiting them and navigating the immigration process, don't you want that experience to be a good one? While we can't guarantee your H-1B will win the lottery, we can guarantee same-day responses and shorter end-to-application preparation, all while granting you unprecedented access and control of the process. When you combine these features you get a process that's better for everyone involved. And here's the best part: every application gets easier.

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