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Covering the intersection of Immigration and People Operations teams. Including topics such as, Process Management, Data Management, Reporting, PAF Management, I-9 Compliance

Elevate Your Immigration Process with a Strategic Approach

Once the data is clean and uploaded, the main business users are trained, and the policies are established; immigration turns from an administrative burden into a strategic business endeavor. By unlocking a more holistic People analytics & insights, Talent leaders can arm business leaders to make informed decisions that are not only good for the organization, but also the community and for its people. 

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A Better Way to Track International Employee Data in 2021 and Beyond

Modern companies require modern access to data and insights, the days of using spreadsheets (not systems) and ad-hoc reporting requests (not on-demand) are being phased out. In the People Operations world, there are very few situations that are static and slow-moving, so shouldn't your data be able to keep up with the pace of your business. But before you throw your old system in the bin, consider what key metrics would be critical to have visibility into and also what sort of vendor can help you best access the data and automated processes that you need.

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Key Immigration Data Points That People Teams Should be Tracking

Once companies choose to engage with visa sponsorship for their workforce, they also inherit more process, vendor, and compliance responsibilities. However, People Operations teams are beginning to ask for more data from the immigration teams. As we see an increasing importance to invest in creating a delightful employee experience and leveraging people data insights to deliver more business value, HR teams are taking a smarter approach to immigration case processing and reporting.

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5 Best Practices to Optimize Your Predictable I-9 Process

Considerable time and resources have gone into building a repeatable, efficient, and compliant talent program. To ensure your program continues to keep up with the ever-evolving immigration landscape we gathered 5 tips from People teams for immigration I-9 management.

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5 Things for People Teams to Consider When Implementing a Standardized I-9 Process

As People teams prepare to scale, it's common to re-evaluate processes and policies to ensure the organization will remain compliant and productive. By standardizing I-9 processes, modern People teams can rest assured they are compliant and turn their attention to other high-value initiatives like employee well-being or DE&I initiatives.

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5 Things Employers Should Know About the Form I-9 Process

One of the most common ways People teams are introduced into immigration is through the I-9 Form. Every HR professional is familiar with I-9 compliance, but the immigration nuances are where some professionals identify opportunities to organize and streamline processes. We will break down 5 common immigration implications of the I-9 form and how to stay compliant.

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